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Filled with eBooks on practical applications, this compilation houses a wide range of valuableworks—including the bestselling Civil Engineering Handbook—that serve the research needs of civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers as well as infrastructure managers and architects.
Whether you are converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful forms or spearheading the hunt for valuable new materials or techniques, ChemicalENGINEERINGnetBASE provides the references and resources to fuel this work. It offers insight from renowned experts on how to ensure processes are conducted safely, sustainably, and economically.
From our award-winning handbooks to state-of-the-art references, this collection covers the entire field from fundamental theory to applications such as MEMS, pressure vessels, and pipelines. Key theories, data, models, equations, and guidelines are at your patrons’ fingertips 24/7.
Collection of over 4,320 books online, ENGnetBASE provides access to the latest handbooks in civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial, and mining engineering, this collection is sure to power your patrons’ research to the next level.
Whether you’re working in pure or discrete mathematics, biology, agriculture, finance, or engineering, this collection supplies an online library of top-tier Chapman & Hall/CRC references, handbooks, pocketbooks, and primers. It provides immediate access to theories, equations, algorithms, or analytical methods anytime they’re needed.
From astrophysics and quantum physics to materials science and optoelectronics, this unified e-library covers fundamental theories and contemporary investigations of time, matter, and space. It includes many volumes from the world-renowned Institute of Physics.