New and Notable Statistics Chapter Sampler 

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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from recently published and bestselling Statistics textbooks, including the following:

  1. Chapter 3: Cleaning and Wrangling Data, Data Science: A First Introduction by Tiffany Timbers, Trevor Campbell, Melissa Lee
  2. Chapter 2: Conditional Probability and Expectation, Fundamentals of Casual Inference: With R by Babette A. Brumback
  3. Chapter 2: Bayes’ Rule, Bayes Rules!: An Introduction to Applied Bayesian Modeling by Alicia A. Johnson, Miles Q. Ott,  Dogucu
  4. Chapter 7: Confounding, Causal Inference: What If by Miguel A. Hernan, James M. Robins
  5. Chapter 6: Flexible Parametric Models, Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research by David Collett
  6. Chapter 3: Processing Tabular Data, Geographic Data Science with R: Visualizing and Analyzing Environmental Change by Michael C. Wimberly
  7. Chapter 4: Estimation, Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics by Steffen Lauritzen
  8. Chapter 10: Multivariate Time Series, Time Series for Data Science: Analysis and Forecasting by Wayne A. Woodward, Bivin Philip Sadler, Stephen Robertson.

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