Study and Research Skills for Students of Psychology

Study and Research Skills for Students of Psychology is a special FreeBook curated by Routledge in association with the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations to bring together useful resources for Psychology students in one concise place. With excerpts from 5 Routledge titles, the FreeBook features chapters that focus on studying, research, essay writing, data measurement and how to best use sources.

Featured Titles:

  • The Student's Guide to Studying Psychology | By Thomas M. Heffernan
  • The Research Companion: A Practical Guide for Those in the Social Sciences, Health & Development | By Petra M. Boynton
  • A Student's Dictionary of Psychology & Neuroscience | By Nicky Hayes & Peter Stratton
  • Interpreting Basic Statistics: A Workbook Based on Excerpts from Journal Articles | By Zealure C. Holcomb & Keith S. Cox
  • Using Sources Effectively: Strengthening Your Writing & Avoiding Plagiarism | By Robert A. Harris

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