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Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism is a fully curated collection of materials designed to help with the study of this fascinating period of history. Access thousands of chapters of primary and secondary source materials relating to the history of feminism.

Featuring primary and secondary a variety of sources, including thematic essays, journal articles, and an image gallery History of Feminism provides a comprehensive global overview of feminism in the long nineteenth century. Users can refine searches by subject, region, period, organization, notable figures and contributors as well as conduct key word searches.

The interdisciplinary nature of the subject is explored through introductions on key themes written by experts in the field and the connections made by the platform. This makes History of Feminism the perfect starting point for researchers and including students of women’s history, gender studies, literature and more.


Politics and Law

Religion and Belief


Literature and Writings

Women at Home

Society and Culture


Movements and Ideologies

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