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Discover free content and books that will inspire, educate and help you advance your career in teaching. Be inspired by expert teacher educators, practising teachers and school leaders with their tried-and-tested tools and practical ideas for every classroom and school.

Free teacher resources

What Is Visible Learning

What is visible learning?

Visible learning can help school leaders provide effective teaching across their school by empowering their teachers to take an enhanced role so that they become evaluators of their own teaching.

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3 Ways To Reduce Teacher Stress In 20193 Ways To Reduce Teacher Stress In 2019

Find out how to recognise the signs of negative stress and simple practical tools to stop it, so that you can retain that all-important sense of control in the classroom.

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Behaviour Management Strategies For The Classroom

Behaviour Management Strategies For The Classroom

Alex Quigley provides effective practical top tips on behaviour management in the classroom.

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Wellbeing in SchoolsSpotlight on Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Schools

Find the latest practical tips and strategies on how to meet the mental health needs of children and young people. 

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primary school toolkitPrimary School Improvement Toolkit

The Primary School Improvement Toolkit is a free resource designed to support primary school leaders. 

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secondary school toolkitSecondary School Improvement Toolkit

The Secondary School Improvement Toolkit is a free resource designed to support school leaders.

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Bulk Discount for Schools

We offer discounts for schools when purchasing 10 copies or more. Whether you're looking to buy a selection of books or a particular title for all your staff then get in touch for a quote. To discuss these options, please contact us.

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Teacher Bookshop

Whether you're looking for a book for your own personal development or to support the development of staff and colleagues visit our bookshop. 

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