After more than a decade working as an editor and journalist, Charlie Corbett took his first, tentative steps into the corporate world in 2012. Charlie was appalled by what he found there: a confusing and nonsensical place, where common sense and basic humanity had been replaced by jargon, dehumanising language and soulless dictates from faceless rule-makers.

Here he discusses how you can write and speak in a way that will impress those that matter through the art of plain speaking.




"I wish I’d read this book sooner - it would have saved me lots of painful ‘learning through experience’. The Art of Plain Speaking is an invaluable - and succinct - guide for anyone speaking in public or with an important presentation to deliver - or even if you simply want to connect better with people. I found myself underlining sections and scribbling in the margins - and I’m now looking forward to putting it into practice." Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing, Legal and General Investment Management

"Charlie Corbett admirably demolishes the (entirely avoidable, as he eloquently establishes) treacherous thickets of contemporary gobbledygook to provide a superb manifesto for clear simplicity. The Art of Plain Speaking is a brilliant and measured dismissal of obfuscation and tone-deaf gibberish and we can only hope everyone - plain English fans and jargonistas alike - reads it." Lee Monks, The Plain English Campaign

"Don’t be fooled by the title, this is much more than a guide to plain speaking. The book provides the carefully distilled wisdom to survive and thrive in the modern workplace." Harry Wilson, City Editor, The Times

"A communication survival guide written with rare clarity, insight and Corbett’s customary wit." Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal

"Words, words, words. The modern world is awash with words. Everyone can write but not everyone can write what they mean. Charlie’s book elegantly explains how to ensure your words convey meaning rather than obscure it." Ben Wright, Business Editor at The Telegraph Media Group

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