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Understanding Research Methods, By Mildred L. Patten, Michelle Newhart

"I enjoyed reading this book. I recommend this book to instructors of statistics courses, research methodology, sampling, and computing professionals."Ramalingam Shanmugam, School of Health Administration, Texas State University, USA


Writing Literature Reviews, by Jose L. Galvan, Melisa C. Galvan

"Excellent. A concise, ‘task analytic’ presentation of the complex steps necessary in writing literature reviews."Tom Cooke, Sonoma State University


Interpreting Basic Statistics by Keith S. Cox, Zealure C. Holcomb

"This introduction to reading and understanding statistics is very basic and easy to understand, but at the same time it is scientifically oriented, contemporary in outlook and forward looking in methodology. It points students in exactly the right direction, emphasizing meaningful interpretation of scientific results over recitation of cookbook formulas. Students will come away with the tools they need for comprehending graphical analysis, effect size, and statistical power." — Eric Turkheimer, PhD, Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia, USA

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Research Methods for Academics Webinar

Watch our free on-demand webinar features three Routledge leading authors in the field of research methods, Mark Vagle, Corey Johnson and Joshua Rosenberg.


Qualitative Research Methods Chapter Sampler

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Phenomenological Research Methods in Practice Chapter Sampler

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