What does a post-pandemic leader look like? In her book Leadership Resilience in a Digital Age, Janette Young presents the resilient leader as a digital sage. What makes this book different is that it highlights the voice of digital leaders as they discuss their solutions to overcome personal resilience (PRQ). 

Both leaders in organisations and individual staff need to focus on resilience in this new era. We need a new type of leader in the current climate of constant technological change; disruptive behaviour; and a growing emphasis on global climate change, pandemics and hybrid working practice. The book findings present a digital sage as the leader of the future. This leader represents a new breed of leader who focuses on eight facets of leadership.

The leader becomes a journeyer who views his experiences in a reflective manner as part of a journey rather than final destination. Fast failure and an experimental mindset are embraced by the journeyer. The digital sage may be viewed as a yogi who oozes wisdom and takes a philosophical view. The yogi relishes  all aspects of self-awareness and wellness and applies and encourages exercise and meditation for good health. The yogi is authentic and has developed calmness  in the face of change. As such, the yogi lives resilience and fully appreciates that creating quiet space in which to think is crucial. The yogi appreciates all aspects of mind, body, spirit including yoga exercise and mindfulness for resilience. In the face of a global pandemic, the yogi is able to shape the organisation in a way that fully appreciates staff needs in a hybrid working place/space.

The Digital Sage is also a digital strategist who uses a built-in antenna to scour the landscape and keeps a sharp eye out for new technological developments on the horizon. The strategist always has regard to the constantly changing dynamic environment and what opportunities this could present for the business. This leader is also a golfer, choosing the right leadership style in accordance with the context presented. Being aware of the impact of  positive rather than negative leadership styles is part of this leader’s armour.

The Digital Sage is a diplomat, connector and relationship builder who exudes good communication skills and uses conversation and dialogue as an important tool, whilst endeavouring to build relationships built on trust.  Another facet is the ability to apply positive thinking and to bring out the best in others. This sage is an ethical leader living by example and  practising openness and transparency. Having an awareness of the impact of decisions not only on the company but on wider society. Finally, the Digital Sage is a creative explorer who practises flexibility, agility and experimentation in the hybrid workplace. This sage is a leader who embraces change and lives resilience.

For further details read Janette Young, PhD (2022) Leadership Resilience in a Digital Age


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