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The Teacher Self-Care Toolkit


Educators, you are superheroes. But even superheroes need to be taken care of! We know you pour out everything you have into your role, but how can you avoid burnout? How might you re-ignite a positive atmosphere in your school and lead your students to love learning? What are some ways you might be able to cultivate healthy relationships with colleagues? Better yet, leaders—how can you implement school-wide support for teacher wellbeing?

This teacher toolkit features tools and strategies from a range of Routledge Eye On Education books, including: First Aid for Teacher Burnout, Everyday Self-Care for Educators, Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools, Essential Truths for Teachers, and Your First Year


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The Teacher Self-Care Toolkit is brought to you by Routledge Eye On Education, Taylor and Francis Group.  It contains a collection of curated content from some of our bestselling books and leading experts.

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