The Teaching and Learning Playbook and video library helps teachers learn and master over 100 teaching techniques. It gives you the tools to identify how you can improve your teaching and practise with absolute clarity on what you need to do next.

Within the book a summary explains what the technique is, why it is important, the effect size and a four-step guide to how it should be performed. The accompanying video then demonstrates the technique to help you embed it in your daily practice. 

See a Technique in Action: Three, Two, One for Focus

This is a routine for transitioning students from talking or working independently to silence and attention on the teacher. See how the technique is explained in the playbook, and watch the video to see how it can be performed in practice.

Support CPD & Coaching with the Teaching & Learning Playbook

Simple to use and easily integrated into CPD and coaching programmes, the Playbook and videos provide a model of excellence that can be used to support all teachers to get better. Discounts are available to schools and organisations who would like to purchase 10 or more copies. 

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