Theatre & Performance Chapter Sampler

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  1. Performing in Contemporary Musicals by David Sisco and Laura Josepher
  2. Impacting Theatre Audiences by Edited By Dani Snyder-Young and Matt Omasta
  3. Foundations for Performance Training by Cara Harker
  4. Ballroom Dancing by Alex Moore
  5. Routledge Companion to Audiences and the Performing Arts Edited By Matthew Reason, Lynne Conner, Katya Johanson, and Ben Walmsley
  6. Stage Management Basics by Emily Roth, Jonathan Allender-Zivic, and Katy McGlaughlin
  7. Fifty Key Figures in LatinX and Latin American Theatre Edited By Paola S. Hernández and Analola Santana
  8. Active Analysis by Maria Knebel and Anatoli Vassiliev