Theatrical Production Chapter Sampler

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1. Chapter 1, What Is Theatrical Design? - The Art of Theatrical Design by Kaoiṁe E. Malloy

2. Chapter 3, Visual Style- Projection Design for Theatre by Alison C. Dobbins

3. Chapter 8,  Live Visuals: Technology and Aesthetics - Live Visuals: Technology and Aestheticsby Léon McCarthy

1. Chapter 1,  Introduction and an Invitation- The Heart of Light by Deanna Fitzgerald

5. Chapter 2, Characteristics of a Great Stage Manager-  Stage Management by Lawrence Stern, Jill Gold

6. Chapter 1,  Avenues Of Communication- The Stage Manager's Toolkit by Laurie Kincman

7.  Chapter 1,  Orientation: How Costumes Became a Business, and How it Works- A History of the Theatre Costume Businessby Triffin I. Morris, Gregory DL Morris, Rachel E. Pollock