1. What's Happening to the Republican Party?

Written by Marjorie Hershey, author of Party Politics in America.


2. What is the connection between media violence and real-world violence?

Obviously, watching American Psycho or its ilk is not going to turn all viewers into serial killers. But does that fact mean that violent media has no effect at all on anyone? Christopher Kilmartin, author of The Fictions that Shape Men's Lives, explores this topic.

3. Aggression in Times of Covid-19: The Social Costs of the Pandemic

Written by Barbara Krahé, author of The Social Psychology of Aggression.


4. Now More Than Ever: The need for data-driven decision-making about teaching and learning

Kimberly Williams, author of Doing Research to Improve Teaching and Learning: A Guide for College and University Faculty, discusses the importance of collecting data to improve teaching and learning in higher education.

5. The Past, Present and Possible Future of Hyperlocal Media

John Zaffuto provides a brief history of convergence and hyperlocality, and a possible glimpse into their future.


6. Preparing Teachers for Rural Classrooms: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

Written by Devon Brenner, co author with Amy Price Azano, Jayne Downey, Karen Eppley and Ann K. Schulte of Teaching in Rural Places.

7. Transcultural Communication: what it is and why we are all doing it

Will Baker, co-author of Transcultural Communication Through Global Englishes, examines the challenges and our understanding of intercultural communication.


8. The irredeemable sexual: Or, what if queer theories are doomed to failure?

In this blog Lorenzo Bernini, author of Queer Theories: An Introduction, asks whether queer theories have redemptive intentions and their call for tolerance.


9. What is Academic Writing? (and Other Burning Questions About It)

In this blog Zhihui Fang, author of Demystifying Academic Writing, discusses what academic writing is, why it's important as well as essential skills for academic writing.


10. Introducing Students to Systems Biology

Written by Karthik Raman, Author of An Introduction to Computational Systems Biology.