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Develop as a Leader with our Transpersonal Leadership White Papers

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Transform yourself into a transpersonal leader

Do you want to learn how to lead beyond your ego, embed authentic, ethical and emotionally intelligent behaviours into the DNA of your organisation, build strong and collaborative relationships, and create a performance enhancing culture that is ethical, caring and sustainable?

Provided to you by Routledge and LeaderShape Global, this collection of eight white papers covers the following aspects of transpersonal leadership:

  1. How to Develop Ethical Leaders
  2. Women, Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century
  3. Sustainable Leadership: Rewire Your Brain for Sustainable Success
  4. Leading Across Cultures: Developing Leaders for Global Organisations
  5. Leadership in India: A Need to Keep Pace with India's Growth Story
  6. Leadership in China: Harnessing Chinese Wisdom for Global Leadership
  7. Adult Development: It's Role in the Leadership Journey
  8. Digital Transformation: Creating a Digital-First Culture through Transpersonal Leaders

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