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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books exploring veterinary medicine, including the following:

1. Chapter 9: Digestive System Aughey and Frye’s Comparative Veterinary Histology with Clinical Correlates edited by Michael Schaer, Frederic Gaschen, Stuart Walton

2. Chapter 8: Cardiovasular Disorders Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat by Sarah Kuhn

3. Chapter 1: Safer Animal Handling and Physical Restraint Concise Textbook of Small Animal Handling by C. B. Chastain

4. Chapter 11: Specific Dieases and Procedures Equine Anesthesia and Pain Management by Bruce M. Mackh

5. Chapter 3.27:  Common causes of weakness/recumbency Illustrated Textbook of Clinical Diagnosis in Farm Animals by Philip R Scott

6. Chapter 5: Electrocardiography Practical Cardiology for Veterinary Nurses by Charlotte Pace

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