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White Paper: Exploring the Digital Landscape in Higher Education

Are you making the most of education technology?

Faculty like you face a daunting workload as you juggle teaching, grading, researching, writing, and any number of administrative duties. Similarly, when utilizing education technology in the higher education classroom, it can be difficult to strike a balance that helps your students to learn more deeply and effectively rather than further dissociating them from the material.

We surveyed hundreds of faculty members in order to better understand how instructors like yourself are dealing with the rise in popularity of technology in higher education. Based on our findings, we’ve put together five tips to help you make classroom technology work to your advantage.

This white paper includes:

  • In depth analysis and visualization of the responses received from higher education faculty relating to the use of technology in higher education.
  • Anecdotal evidence and commentary provided by higher education professionals interviewed after taking the survey.
  • Ideas for making the most of the technology available to you.
  • Questions designed to generate further thought and discussion around the EdTech debate.

Download your free copy of the whitepaper today and see how education technology can help you reach your students in a new way.

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