Guilford Press eBooks Now Available

We are pleased to announce that many new and backlist Guilford Press titles are available as eBooks directly from the website or from major eBook vendors. Most Guilford eBooks are in the popular EPUB format (unless otherwise specified) and can be downloaded easily to your computer and then to a compatible e-reader of your choice.

Find an eBook
If an eBook is available for a specific title, you can find it for sale on product page – or browse the available eBooks by subject area

e-Book purchases are nonreturnable and nonrefundable; please make sure your system and software are configured according to our step-by-step guide before you make your purchase.

Why eBooks?
eBooks offer many benefits for readers. Here are just a few:
  • Portable: Have any number of titles at your fingertips without overloading your bookbag or briefcase.
  • Fast: eBooks can be downloaded instantly, with no shipping time or expense.
  • Searchable: eBooks are fully searchable and easy to navigate.
  • Available Worldwide: Download your e-book instantly, anywhere in the world.
Questions about eBooks or Adobe Digital Editions?
Usage Rights for Guilford eBooks
Guilford eBooks come with certain restrictions (also known as DRM or Digital Rights Management) for the protection of copyrights. When you purchase and download an e-book directly from Guilford, you have the right to:
  • Download it on up to 6 devices.
  • Access the entire book with no expiration date.
  • Print up to 30 pages of text every 7 days (up to 400 pages per year).
  • Copy/paste up to 2 pages of text every 7 days.
Library eBook
Librarians, please see our information for libraries, which includes links to vendors carrying hundreds of Guilford eBooks.

PDF eBooks

Want your e-book in PDF format instead? Visit for our complete list of hundreds of PDF e-books, which are paginated and formatted just like the printed book. Note: If you purchase an e-book from, you are buying it directly from and not from Guilford Press. Some select titles are also available from Guilford as PDF e-books. 

Please note: is a separate site and you will be asked to set up a new account when purchasing a title.

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