Guilford Press: Book Series

Asian Higher Education Outlook

Series Editors:

Higher education in Asia plays an instrumental and transformative role in many millions of lives. A diverse array of universities has grown to serve far-reaching academic and social purposes in elevating people from poverty, cultivating professional workers, and solving complex problems. Asia’s flagship universities have forged a particularly distinctive agenda, educating national leaders, pioneering institutional reforms, and contributing globally influential research.

Yet the world knows remarkably little about Asian higher education, perhaps due to the scale, speed, recency and diversity of growth. This book series responds to the pressing need to learn more. Touching on a range of topics, the books tackle major challenges, document practical insights, and explore imaginative directions.

Everyone interested in higher education will enjoy this series. This includes people studying education, public policy and management, professionals for whom knowledge about this domain is advantageous, faculty and institution leaders, and experts in government and related institutions.

The series is supported by Asia’s leading universities. Each book is curated by experienced editors and drafted by prominent scholars working across a wide range of fields. The topics are framed to be of contemporary and enduring relevance. The analyses are designed to document and impel the continuing and robust formation of higher education in Asia.