Guilford Press: Book Series

Educational Leadership for Equity and Diversity

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This exciting new series, Educational Leadership for Equity and Diversity, addresses the core areas of leader preparation and development in the field of educational leadership. By extending the foundations of the field to new conceptions of leadership that reflect educational diversity, equity research, and emerging theory, this series moves the educational leadership field forward. These powerful books from a diverse set of authors combine research, theory, and practice to support a new generation of scholarship. This series provides aspiring principals, assistant principals, district level leaders and researchers with the necessary tools to successfully lead inclusive and socially just schools.

Special Features of Series:

  • The series books align with the core content areas within Educational Leadership preparation programs
  • Written by respected authors in the field (established and emerging), diverse by race, language, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, disability, and their intersections
  • Addresses the full range of student and staff diversity including race, culture, social class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, language, religion and their intersections
  • Grounded in relevant and emerging theory--includes foundational, traditional perspectives and also extends the conversation to current critical perspectives
  • Explicitly takes an inclusive and integrated approach to schooling
  • Draws from current and classic literature and empirical research
  • Integrates examples from practice to illustrate theories and concepts
  • Explicit links are made between preK-12 and higher and postsecondary education
  • A series companion website with suggestions and activities for teaching chapters, power points, and video links