History: The Age of Jefferson

  • The Routledge Handbook of the War of 1812 book cover

    The Routledge Handbook of the War of 1812

    1st Edition

    Edited by Donald R. Hickey, Connie D. Clark

    The War of 1812 ranged over a remarkably large territory, as the fledgling United States battled Great Britain at sea and on land across what is now the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada. Native people and the Spanish were also involved in the war’s interrelated conflicts. Often overlooked, the…

    Paperback – 2018-01-24
    Routledge International Handbooks

  • Jews in the Americas, 1776-1826 book cover

    Jews in the Americas, 1776-1826

    1st Edition

    Edited by Michael Hoberman, Laura Leibman, Hilit Surowitz-Israel

    The period between 1776-1826 signalled a major change in how Jewish identity was understood both by Jews and non-Jews throughout the Americas. Jews in the Americas, 1776-1826 brings this world of change to life by uniting important out-of-print primary sources on early American Jewish life with…

    Hardback – 2017-09-06

  • The World of the Revolutionary American Republic: Land, Labor, and the Conflict for a Continent book cover

    The World of the Revolutionary American Republic

    Land, Labor, and the Conflict for a Continent, 1st Edition

    Edited by Andrew Shankman

    In its early years, the American Republic was far from stable. Conflict and violence, including major land wars, were defining features of the period from the Revolution to the outbreak of the Civil War, as struggles over who would control land and labor were waged across the North American…

    Paperback – 2017-03-14
    Routledge Worlds

  • From Confederation to Nation: The Early American Republic, 1789-1848 book cover

    From Confederation to Nation

    The Early American Republic, 1789-1848, 1st Edition

    By Jonathan Atkins

    In the era of the Early Republic, Americans determined the meaning of their Revolution and laid the foundation for the United States’ later emergence as a world power. This book provides students with an explanation of the major events and developments of one of the most important periods in…

    Paperback – 2016-01-22

  • American Expansionism, 1783-1860: A Manifest Destiny? book cover

    American Expansionism, 1783-1860

    A Manifest Destiny?, 1st Edition

    By Mark Joy

    This new Seminar Study surveys the history of U.S. territorial expansion from the end of the American Revolution until 1860. The book explores the concept of 'manifest destiny' and asks why, if expansion was 'manifest', there was such opposition to almost every expansionist incident. Paying…

    Hardback – 2015-04-27
    Seminar Studies

  • Slavery and the Founders: Race and Liberty in the Age of Jefferson book cover

    Slavery and the Founders

    Race and Liberty in the Age of Jefferson, 3rd Edition

    By Paul Finkelman

    In Slavery and the Founders, Paul Finkelman addresses a central issue of the American founding: how the first generation of leaders of the United States dealt with the profoundly important question of human bondage. The book explores the tension between the professed idea of America as stated in…

    Paperback – 2014-04-09

  • The Early Republic and Rise of National Identity: 1783-1861 book cover

    The Early Republic and Rise of National Identity

    1783-1861, 1st Edition

    By Jeffrey H. Hacker

    The Early Republic and the Rise of National Identity, a new title in the six-title series History Through Literature: American Voices, American Themes, provides insights and analysis regarding the history, literature, and cultural climate of the formative period of the Early Republic through the…

    Paperback – 2013-11-30
    History Through Literature

  • The American Revolution Reader book cover

    The American Revolution Reader

    1st Edition

    Edited by Denver Brunsman, David J Silverman

    The American Revolution Reader is a collection of leading essays on the American revolutionary era from the eve of the imperial crisis through George Washington’s presidency. Articles have been chosen to represent classic themes, such as the British-colonial relationship during the eighteenth…

    Paperback – 2013-08-05
    Routledge Readers in History

  • North American Borderlands book cover

    North American Borderlands

    1st Edition

    Edited by Brian DeLay

    Since the early colonial period, historians have been fascinated with North America’s borderlands – places where people interacted across multiple, independent political and legal systems. Today the scholarship on these regions is more robust and innovative than ever before. North American…

    Paperback – 2012-12-07
    Rewriting Histories

  • The New Republic: The United States of America 1789-1815 book cover

    The New Republic

    The United States of America 1789-1815, 1st Edition

    By Reginald Horsman

    Reginald Horsman's powerful and comprehensive survey of the early years of the American Republic covers the dramatic years from the setting up of the US Constitution in 1789, the first US presidency under George Washington, and also the presidencies of Adams, Jeffersen and Madison. A major strength…

    Paperback – 1999-12-10
    Longman History of America

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