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  • Sudanese Memoirs: Template Subtitle book cover

    Sudanese Memoirs

    Template Subtitle, 1st Edition

    By Herbert Palmer

    Published in 1967: Sudanese Memoirs is a foremost contribution to the ethnological and historical literature of Western Africa. In three volumes, they comprise a large number of translations from Arabic manuscripts whcih were mostly collected in the northern emirates of Nigeria.…

    Paperback – 2020-08-12 
    Routledge Revivals

  • The Shaping of Africa: Cosmographic Discourse and Cartographic Science in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe book cover

    The Shaping of Africa

    Cosmographic Discourse and Cartographic Science in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, 1st Edition

    By Francesc Relaño

    This title was first published in 2002. When did Africa emerge as a continent in the European mind? This book aims to trace the origins of the idea of Africa and its evolution in Renaissance thought. Particular attention is given to the relationship between the process of acquiring knowledge…

    Paperback – 2020-08-10 
    Routledge Revivals

  • Law of Defamation in Commonwealth Africa book cover

    Law of Defamation in Commonwealth Africa

    1st Edition

    By Jill Cottrell

    First published in 1998, this book is an exposition of the law of defamation as it applies in those countries (excluding South Africa). It discusses or refers to hundreds of cases from those jurisdictions, as well as many important precedents from England, analysing the law and discussing how far…

    Paperback – 2020-03-31 
    Routledge Revivals

  • Language in Indenture: A Sociolinguistic History of Bhojpuri-Hindi in South Africa book cover

    Language in Indenture

    A Sociolinguistic History of Bhojpuri-Hindi in South Africa, 1st Edition

    By Rajend Mesthrie

    Originally published in 1991. The transplantation of thousands of Indian workers to South Africa under indenture between 1860 and 1911 was a political act with far-reaching consequences for their linguistic traditions. In this book, the history of one of these Indic languages, Bhojpuri, and its…

    Paperback – 2020-03-01 
    Routledge Library Editions: Sociolinguistics

  • Gladstone and Kruger: Liberal Government & Colonial 'Home Rule' 1880-85 book cover

    Gladstone and Kruger

    Liberal Government & Colonial 'Home Rule' 1880-85, 1st Edition

    By Deryck Schreuder

    Originally published in 1969, Gladstone and Kruger examines British reactions to the Afrikaner nationalism. Beginning with the first Anglo-Boer war of 1880-81, it examines the formulation of policy after the British defeat at Majuba Hill. A that moment, the dangers of a pan-Afrikaner revolt in the…

    Paperback – 2020-02-28 
    Routledge Library Editions: Gladstone and Disraeli

  • Cowrie Shells and Cowrie Money: A Global History book cover

    Cowrie Shells and Cowrie Money

    A Global History, 1st Edition

    By Bin Yang

    Originating in the sea, especially in the waters surrounding the low-lying islands of the Maldives, Cypraea moneta (sometimes confused with Cypraea annulus) was transported to various parts of Afro-Eurasia in the prehistoric era, and in many cases, it was gradually transformed into a form of money…

    Paperback – 2020-02-03

  • The Benin Plaques: A 16th Century Imperial Monument book cover

    The Benin Plaques

    A 16th Century Imperial Monument, 1st Edition

    By Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch

    The 16th century bronze plaques from the kingdom of Benin are among the most recognized masterpieces of African art, and yet many details of their commission and installation in the palace in Benin City, Nigeria, are little understood. The Benin Plaques, A 16th Century Imperial Monument is a…

    Paperback – 2020-01-14
    Routledge Research in Art History

  • Biographies Between Spheres of Empire: Life History Approaches to Colonial Africa book cover

    Biographies Between Spheres of Empire

    Life History Approaches to Colonial Africa, 1st Edition

    Edited by Achim von Oppen, Silke Strickrodt

    Biographical research can illuminate imperial and colonial history. This is particularly true of Africa, where empires competed with one another and colonial society was characterised by rigid divisions. In this book, five biographical studies explore how, in the course of their lives, interpreters…

    Paperback – 2019-12-18

  • Perspectives on African Witchcraft book cover

    Perspectives on African Witchcraft

    1st Edition

    Edited by Mariano Pavanello

    This volume draws on a range of ethnographic and historical material to provide insight into witchcraft in sub-Saharan Africa. The chapters explore a variety of cultural contexts, with contributions focusing on Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia and Eritrean diaspora. The…

    Paperback – 2019-12-12

  • Honourable Intentions?: Violence and Virtue in Australian and Cape Colonies, c 1750 to 1850. book cover

    Honourable Intentions?

    Violence and Virtue in Australian and Cape Colonies, c 1750 to 1850., 1st Edition

    Edited by Penny Russell, Nigel Worden

    Honourable Intentions? compares the significance and strategic use of ‘honour’ in two colonial societies, the Cape Colony and the early British settlements in Australia, between 1750 and 1850. The mobile populations of emigrants and sojourners, sailors and soldiers, merchants and traders, slaves…

    Paperback – 2019-12-12

  • British Somaliland: An Administrative History, 1920-1960 book cover

    British Somaliland

    An Administrative History, 1920-1960, 1st Edition

    By Brock Millman

    British Somaliland provides a history of the administration of the British Somaliland Protectorate from the time when Somaliland first became governable, following the defeat of Abdullah Hassan, to independence. Describing the interplay between general imperial policies, and greater realities and…

    Paperback – 2019-12-12

  • Before Middle Passage: Translated Portuguese Manuscripts of Atlantic Slave Trading from West Africa to Iberian Territories, 1513-26 book cover

    Before Middle Passage: Translated Portuguese Manuscripts of Atlantic Slave Trading from West Africa to Iberian Territories, 1513-26

    1st Edition

    By Trevor P. Hall

    On the 20th of January 1526, the Santiago left Lisbon bound for Africa with a cargo of brass and tin bracelets, round bells, barber basins and cloth; by early October the ship was back in Portugal with a very different cargo, 108 enslaved Africans. With chilling detachment the ship’s trading log…

    Paperback – 2019-12-12

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