History: Book Series

Global Histories before Globalisation

This series opens a major new forum of debate for scholars working on Global History in the millennium between ca. 500 and 1500 AD. It seeks to connect previously disconnected historiographies and profoundly change our understanding of the so-called ‘medieval’ period.

Exploring this millennium of history at a global level creates an opportunity to revisit nationalistic and Eurocentric master narratives, not only of the ‘medieval’ millennium, but also of the origins of the so-called Modern World. We welcome discussion on both alternative models of periodisation and alternative approaches to traditional constructions of spaces and identities.

This unprecedented series seeks to initiate a global conversation in which scholars can share and debate their ideas on these topics through: research monographs, translated sources and works of synthesis. Studies can include those on the cross-cultural transmission of ideas, global trade, warfare or macro theories/narratives concerning the development of human societies during this era. We are especially interested in microhistories with transcultural and transcontinental implications. Thus it is to be hoped that contributing studies will help to re-write the history of events as well as processes whose global implications have yet to be explored.