• Nutrition and Integrative Medicine: A Primer for Clinicians book cover

    Nutrition and Integrative Medicine

    A Primer for Clinicians

    Edited by Aruna Bakhru

    While medical professionals continue to practice traditional allopathic medicine, the public has turned towards integrative medical alternatives. Physicians must be informed to evaluate nutritional supplements, healing therapies, and dietary approaches for patients. This book provides clinicians…

    Hardback – 2018-06-11 
    CRC Press

  • Biology and Ecology of Pharmaceutical Marine Plants book cover

    Biology and Ecology of Pharmaceutical Marine Plants

    By Ramasamy Santhanam, Santhanam Ramesh, Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria

    Marine plants such as algae (blue-green algae and seaweeds), seagrasses, mangrove plants, salt-tolerant or salt-loving plants (halophytes) and coastal sand dune plants are known to generate approximately 70% of oxygen on earth, and help regulate oxygen in the atmosphere. These plants are potential…

    Hardback – 2018-06-04 
    CRC Press

  • Scientific Examination of Documents: Methods and Techniques, Fourth Edition book cover

    Scientific Examination of Documents

    Methods and Techniques, Fourth Edition

    By Stephen P. Day, David Ellen, Christopher Davies

    Revised and expanded to reflect the most recent innovations in the field of forensic document examination, the book explains the various methods used to scrutinize documents in question. Coverage includes the assessment of handwriting techniques, accidental and deliberate modification of…

    Hardback – 2018-06-01 
    CRC Press

  • Biotech Juggernaut: Hope, Hype, and Hidden Agendas of Entrepreneurial BioScience book cover

    Biotech Juggernaut

    Hope, Hype, and Hidden Agendas of Entrepreneurial BioScience

    By Tina Stevens, Stuart Newman

    Human genetic engineering programs are well underway, although most people are unaware of it and despite the fact that dozens of countries have banned human germline (i.e. egg and sperm) modifications. When bioentrepreneurs ask citizens to consider biotechnologies with the potential for affecting…

    Paperback – 2018-06-01 

  • Johann Friedrich Blumenbach: Race and Natural History, 1750-1850 book cover

    Johann Friedrich Blumenbach

    Race and Natural History, 1750-1850

    Edited by Nicolaas Rupke, Gerhard Lauer

    The major significance of the German naturalist-physician Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840) as a topic of historical study is the fact that he was one of the first anthropologists to investigate humankind as part of natural history. Moreover, Blumenbach was and continues to be a central…

    Hardback – 2018-05-31 
    Routledge Studies in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

  • Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems book cover

    Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems

    Edited by Raj K. Keservani, Anil K. Sharma

    This new volume, Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems, focuses on nanoparticulate nanocarriers and recent advances in the field of drug delivery. The book begins with chapters that provide an informative introduction to polymeric nanoparticles—their general physicochemical features and…

    Hardback – 2018-05-31 
    Apple Academic Press

  • Fundamentals of Fluorescence Imaging book cover

    Fundamentals of Fluorescence Imaging

    Edited by Guy Cox

    Fluorescence imaging, at macro, micro and sub-micro scales, has revolutionized biological science in the past 30 years. Immuno-labeling has provided the precise targeting of molecules in the fixed tissue, while fluorescent proteins have enabled localization in living tissues. Fluorescent indicators…

    Hardback – 2018-05-31 
    Pan Stanford

  • Nanonutraceuticals: Nanonutraceuticals book cover



    Edited by Bhupinder Singh Bhoop

    This book will be a comprehensive account of the various facets of nutraceuticals domain. The peruser of this book will find details on various nanotech approaches to nutraceuticals, prebiotics and probiotics, along with their specific applications.…

    Hardback – 2018-05-30 
    CRC Press

  • Digital Forensic Art Techniques: A Professional’s Guide to Corel Painter book cover

    Digital Forensic Art Techniques

    A Professional’s Guide to Corel Painter

    By Natalie Ms Murry

    Digital Forensic Art Techniques provides step-by-step instruction for creating composites and other forensic illustrations for law enforcement purposes. The techniques covered focus specifically on the Corel PainterTM program, outlining aspects of the software users will need to familiarize…

    Paperback – 2018-05-30 
    CRC Press

  • Routledge International Handbook of Psychobiology book cover

    Routledge International Handbook of Psychobiology

    Edited by Philip Murphy

    The International Handbook of Psychobiology provides authoritative, cutting-edge research across the range of areas that fall under the umbrella of psychobiology. It is a valuable source for researchers looking to update their knowledge on a wide range of topics. The International Handbook of…

    Hardback – 2018-05-28 
    Routledge International Handbooks

  • Toxicologic Pathology: Nonclinical Safety Assessment, Second Edition book cover

    Toxicologic Pathology

    Nonclinical Safety Assessment, Second Edition

    Edited by Pritam S. Sahota, James A. Popp, Jerry F. Hardisty, Chirukandath Gopinath, Page Bouchard

    This book is designed to provide practical and timely information for toxicologic pathologists working in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. The majority of the book (Organ Systems) will provide detailed descriptions of histopathological lesions observed in drug development. In addition…

    Hardback – 2018-05-15 
    CRC Press

  • The Illustrated Dictionary of Toxicologic Pathology and Safety Science book cover

    The Illustrated Dictionary of Toxicologic Pathology and Safety Science

    Edited by Pritam S. Sahota, Robert H. Spaet, Philip Bentley, Zbigniew Wojcinski

    The illustrated dictionary would provide descriptions of commonly used terms in toxicologic pathology accompanied by select pictures and illustrations to augment the written material where appropriate. It would also contain concise but less detailed information, describing the terms used in related…

    Hardback – 2018-05-15 
    CRC Press

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