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  • Tuning the Brain: Principles and Practice of Neurosomatic Medicine book cover

    Tuning the Brain

    Principles and Practice of Neurosomatic Medicine, 1st Edition

    By Jay Goldstein

    Discover effective, outcome-oriented ways to help CFS patients who have endured useless or inappropriate treatments! From the author: “For many years I have viewed brain function as a system of electrochemical impulses continually flashing through the brain. These neural networks can often…

    Paperback – 2004-01-16

  • Instrumentation: An Introduction for Students in the Speech and Hearing Sciences book cover


    An Introduction for Students in the Speech and Hearing Sciences, 3rd Edition

    By T. Newell Decker, Thomas D. Carrell

    While keeping the scope and essential thrust of the original book unchanged, this third edition has been updated to reflect the latest technology. For instance, important revisions have been made to a few chapters, while one chapter has been eliminated and replaced with a newer chapter dealing with…

    Paperback – 2004-01-01
    Psychology Press

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine book cover

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    1st Edition

    By Robert A Roush

    The information you need to choose—or to help create—a complementary/alternative medicine facility Learn about emerging and traditional treatment techniques such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Reiki, reflexology, prayer, homeopathy, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and massage. Author…

    Paperback – 2003-05-22

  • Chronic Pain: Biomedical and Spiritual Approaches book cover

    Chronic Pain

    Biomedical and Spiritual Approaches, 1st Edition

    By Harold G Koenig

    Help your clients achieve victory over chronic pain and lead more fulfilling lives!This insightful and informative book will help you deliver better pain management services to the people you care for. Incorporating biomedical, surgical, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives, it…

    Paperback – 2002-12-11

  • Evidence-Based Patient Handling: Techniques and Equipment book cover

    Evidence-Based Patient Handling

    Techniques and Equipment, 1st Edition

    By Pat Alexander, Emma Crumpton, Brian Fletcher, Mike Fray, Sue Hignett, Sue Ruszala

    Providing care and treatment for patients usually requires moving and handling activities associated with high rates of back injuries. The personal and financial cost of back pain and injuries to health staff means there is an urgent need to improve practice in this area. Over the past twenty…

    Paperback – 2002-11-21

  • Recovery and Wellness: Models of Hope and Empowerment for People with Mental Illness book cover

    Recovery and Wellness

    Models of Hope and Empowerment for People with Mental Illness, 1st Edition

    By Catana Brown

    Learn to harness the process of recovery from mental illness for use in the transformative healing of your OT clients!This informative book for occupational therapists describes the Recovery Model from theoretical and experiential perspectives, and shows how to use it most effectively. It examines…

    Paperback – 2002-10-25

  • Interprofessional Collaboration in Occupational Therapy book cover

    Interprofessional Collaboration in Occupational Therapy

    1st Edition

    By Stanley Paul, Cindee Peterson

    Interaction between professionals/students in various disciplines leads to greater respect, cooperation, and practical knowledge for all!Interprofessional Collaboration in Occupational Therapy, written by experienced occupational therapists, examines successful programs and models of practice…

    Paperback – 2002-09-06

  • The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition, and Optimal Health book cover

    The Nutritionist

    Food, Nutrition, and Optimal Health, 1st Edition

    By Robert Wildman

    Use this valuable book to make better food/diet/nutrition supplement choices for your clients (and yourself)!The Nutritionist provides an overview of the basic concepts involved in nourishing the human body in an organized and progressive first-person question-and-answer format. Its eminently…

    Paperback – 2002-07-10

  • Education for Occupational Therapy in Health Care: Strategies for the New Millennium book cover

    Education for Occupational Therapy in Health Care

    Strategies for the New Millennium, 1st Edition

    By Patricia Crist, Marjorie Scaffa

    Learn the best new approaches from the world’s leading OT educators!This timely book presents the most effective, innovative approaches to teaching the next generation of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. Examining both fieldwork and classroom programs, Occupational…

    Paperback – 2002-07-01

  • Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Potential book cover

    Cannabis and Cannabinoids

    Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Potential, 1st Edition

    By Ethan B Russo, Ethan B Russo

    Study the latest research findings by international experts!This comprehensive volume presents state-of-the-art scientific research on the therapeutic uses of cannabis and its derivatives. All too often, discussions of the potential medical uses of this substance are distorted by political…

    Paperback – 2002-04-24

  • Community Occupational Therapy Education and Practice book cover

    Community Occupational Therapy Education and Practice

    1st Edition

    By Beth Velde, Margaret Prince Wittman

    OT practice is moving from the medically based model into the community--don’t be left behind!This unique and timely book sets forth the vital concepts of nontraditional community-based (rather than the traditional medical model) occupational therapy practice. It illuminates issues related to…

    Paperback – 2002-02-15

  • Complementary Therapies in Geriatric Practice: Selected Topics book cover

    Complementary Therapies in Geriatric Practice

    Selected Topics, 1st Edition

    Edited by Ann Burkhardt, Jodi Carlson

    Use these techniques to promote the wellness of your elderly clients!This book explores current trends in alternative therapy and geriatric rehabilitation and the use of complementary and alternative medical (CAM) techniques in physical and occupational treatment sessions with older adults.…

    Paperback – 2002-02-15

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