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  • Clinical Pediatric Surgery: A Case-Based Interactive Approach book cover

    Clinical Pediatric Surgery

    A Case-Based Interactive Approach, 1st Edition

    By Sherif Emil

    This book targets pediatric surgical residents and fellows and complements the classic textbooks in the field by taking the knowledge base and applying it to practical clinical scenarios. The format replicates the typical clinical scenarios encountered by pediatric surgeons. A short synopsis of a…

    Hardback – 2019-09-03 
    CRC Press

  • Memorizing Medicine: Second Edition book cover

    Memorizing Medicine

    Second Edition, 2nd Edition

    By Ben Lovell, Paul Bentley

    This book takes a unique approach to 'learning medicine' in a manner that places primary emphasis on recall. Drawing upon well-established psychological principles, it uses a broad range of strategies to maximize the ability of the reader to recollect large swathes of information at a later date.…

    Paperback – 2019-09-03 
    CRC Press

  • Revision Guide for MRCPsych Paper A book cover

    Revision Guide for MRCPsych Paper A

    1st Edition

    By Elizabeth Templeton, Bhaskar Punukollu, Richard William Kerslake

    This text covers the key information necessary to pass Paper 1 of the postgraduate examination to become a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych). It emphasises memory aides in the form of diagrams or tables, a novel presentation of these materials, providing a quick and portable…

    Paperback – 2019-09-01 
    CRC Press

  • Everyday Technologies in Healthcare book cover

    Everyday Technologies in Healthcare

    1st Edition

    Edited by Christopher M. Hayre, Dave Muller, Marcia Scherer

    This book presents the collaborative work of experienced researchers worldwide. It brings together an array of practitioners and researchers who are utilising everyday technology in order to enhance health and rehabilitative outcomes for patients. The studies demonstrate an array of opportunities…

    Hardback – 2019-09-01 
    CRC Press
    Rehabilitation Science in Practice Series

  • The Concussion Crisis in Sport book cover

    The Concussion Crisis in Sport

    1st Edition

    By Dominic Malcolm

    Concussion has become one of the most significant issues in contemporary sport. The life-changing impact of head injury and the possible threat that CTE poses to children and young athletes in particular is calling into question the long-term future of some of our most well-established sports. But…

    Paperback – 2019-08-31 

  • Atlas of Inherited Metabolic Diseases 4E book cover

    Atlas of Inherited Metabolic Diseases 4E

    4th Edition

    By William L Nyhan, Georg F. Hoffmann, Bruce A Barshop

    n a field where even experts may find that years have elapsed since they last encountered a child with a given disorder, it is essential for the clinician to have a comprehensive source of practical and highly illustrated information covering the whole spectrum of metabolic disease to refer to. The…

    Pack - Book & Ebook – 2019-08-30 
    CRC Press

  • Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics: Theory and Practice, Second Edition, Two Volume Set book cover

    Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics

    Theory and Practice, Second Edition, Two Volume Set, 2nd Edition

    Edited by Philip Mayles, Alan E. Nahum, J.C. Rosenwald

    From the essential background physics and radiobiology to the latest imaging and treatment modalities, the updated second edition of Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics: Theory and Practice covers all aspects of the subject. In Volume I, Part A includes the Interaction of Radiation with Matter –…

    Hardback – 2019-08-28 
    CRC Press

  • Fecal Incontinence and Constipation in Children: Case Studies book cover

    Fecal Incontinence and Constipation in Children

    Case Studies, 1st Edition

    Edited by Marc Levitt, Onnalisa Nash, Julie Choueiki

    This book focuses on the management of children with fecal incontinence and constipation. Despite accurate anatomic reconstruction, many children still suffer from a variety of functional bowel problems. These include not only children with congenital anatomic problems such as anorectal…

    Paperback – 2019-08-20 
    CRC Press

  • Revision Spine Surgery: Pearls and Pitfalls book cover

    Revision Spine Surgery

    Pearls and Pitfalls, 1st Edition

    Edited by Alexander R. Vaccaro, Ali Baaj, Gregory D. Schroeder

    Revision spine surgery requires a unique skill set different from performing a primary operation. Understanding when a simple revision is sufficient, when a more complex approach is needed, or when a non-surgical option should be considered is critical to good patient care and outcomes. In this…

    Hardback – 2019-08-15 
    CRC Press

  • Phytochemicals from Medicinal Plants: Scope, Applications, and Potential Health Claims book cover

    Phytochemicals from Medicinal Plants

    Scope, Applications, and Potential Health Claims, 1st Edition

    Edited by Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria, Megh R. Goyal, Masood Sadiq Butt

    Phytochemicals from Medicinal Plants: Scope, Applications and Potential Health Claims explores the importance of medicinal plants and their potential benefits for human health. This book looks at bioactive compounds from medicinal plants, the health benefits of bioactive compounds, the applications…

    Hardback – 2019-08-15 
    Apple Academic Press
    Innovations in Plant Science for Better Health

  • Advances in Neuropharmacology: Drugs and Therapeutics book cover

    Advances in Neuropharmacology

    Drugs and Therapeutics, 1st Edition

    Edited by Md. Sahab Uddin, Mamunur Rashid

    This new volume, Advances in Neuropharmacology: Drugs and Therapeutics, provides a comprehensive overview of the drugs that act on the central and peripheral nervous systems. It thoroughly describes the diseases that are associated with the nervous system and drugs used their treatment while also…

    Hardback – 2019-08-15 
    Apple Academic Press

  • The Duke Elder Exam of Ophthalmology: A Comprehensive Guide for Success book cover

    The Duke Elder Exam of Ophthalmology

    A Comprehensive Guide for Success, 1st Edition

    Edited by Mostafa Khalil, Omar Kouli

    The Duke Elder Exam is a challenging, competitive national undergraduate prize examination having three awards which provide two valuable points towards specialty application: (1) Top 10%; (2) top 20 performers; and, (3) top performer. This book aims to comprehensively cover the exam syllabus in…

    Paperback – 2019-08-15 
    CRC Press

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