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  • The Rise of the Labour Party 1880-1945 book cover

    The Rise of the Labour Party 1880-1945

    3rd Edition

    By Paul Adelman

    This popular study covers two major topics: the formation of the Labour Party and its emergence as the main rival to the conservatives. This transformation of the British political scene has been accounted for in a variety of ways. Dr Adelman examines these explanations and concludes that while…

    Paperback – 1996-07-19
    Seminar Studies

  • Racist Violence and the State: A comparative Analysis of Britain, France and the Netherlands book cover

    Racist Violence and the State

    A comparative Analysis of Britain, France and the Netherlands, 1st Edition

    By Rob Witte

    Racist Violence and the State is the first serious study to apply a comparative research-based approach to the study of racist violence in Britain, France and The Netherlands since 1945. Setting racist violence within a historical background of the post-imperialist legacy, the author presents an…

    Paperback – 1996-06-28

  • The Near East since the First World War: A History to 1995 book cover

    The Near East since the First World War

    A History to 1995, 2nd Edition

    By Malcolm Yapp

    This clear, balanced and authoritative survey of the history of the region is now fully up to date again. The text contains a general regional introduction, followed by a series of country-by-country analyses, and a section which places the Near East in the international context. Professor Yapp' s…

    Paperback – 1996-06-27
    A History of the Near East

  • Decolonization in Africa book cover

    Decolonization in Africa

    2nd Edition

    By John D. Hargreaves

    John Hargreaves examines how the British, French, Belgian, Spanish and Portuguese colonies in tropical Africa became independent in the postwar years, and in doing so transformed the international landscape. African demands for independence and colonial plans for reform - central to the story - are…

    Paperback – 1996-05-24
    The Postwar World

  • Northern Ireland Politics book cover

    Northern Ireland Politics

    1st Edition

    By Arthur Aughey, Duncan Morrow

    Hopes for a peaceful settlement in Northern Ireland have again put the politics of the province under the spotlight. This new text, written by acknowledged experts on Northern Ireland, provides an immediately accessible introduction to the multi-faceted nature of the politics of the region.…

    Paperback – 1996-03-06

  • The Khrushchev Era 1953-1964 book cover

    The Khrushchev Era 1953-1964

    1st Edition

    By Martin Mccauley

    History and politics students alike will welcome this new Seminar Study which analyses the Khrushchev era -- a critical period of Soviet and world history. It was Khrushchev who, in 1957, finally filled the political vacuum left by the death of Stalin in 1953. He was an erratic, impulsive,…

    Paperback – 1995-09-22
    Seminar Studies

  • The Decline Of The Liberal Party 1910-1931 book cover

    The Decline Of The Liberal Party 1910-1931

    2nd Edition

    By Paul Adelman

    Paul Adelman seeks to explain the Liberal Party's dramatic transformation in political fortune. This clear, objective up-to-date account of the history of the Liberal Party covers the key period, 1910-1931. Focusing on liberal decline and drawing upon the different views forwarded by historians to…

    Paperback – 1995-09-06
    Seminar Studies

  • China at War 1901-1949 book cover

    China at War 1901-1949

    1st Edition

    By Edward L. Dreyer

    Few phases of history were as heavy with implications for the world at large than the turbulent years through which China moved from the overthrow of the last imperial dynasty in 1911, through anarchy, civil war and invasion, to the final triumph of the Communists in 1949 - yet few periods are as…

    Paperback – 1995-07-13
    Modern Wars In Perspective

  • Russia: The Tsarist and Soviet Legacy book cover


    The Tsarist and Soviet Legacy, 2nd Edition

    By Edward Acton

    This text has established itself as the best general introduction to Russian history, providing a forceful and highly readable survey from earliest times to the post-Soviet State. At the heart of the book is the changing relationship between the State and Russian society at large. The second…

    Paperback – 1995-05-17
    The Present and The Past

  • Comparative Government Introduction book cover

    Comparative Government Introduction

    2nd Edition

    By Jean Blondel

    First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 1995-04-19

  • The Conservative Party and British Politics 1902 - 1951 book cover

    The Conservative Party and British Politics 1902 - 1951

    1st Edition

    By Stuart Ball

    The history of the Conservative Party during the first half of the twentieth century was marked by crisis and controversy, from Joseph Chamberlain's tariff reform campaign through the Lloyd George coalition and the National Government between the wars to the defeat of 1945 and the post war recovery…

    Paperback – 1995-03-20
    Seminar Studies

  • Alternatives to Freedom: Arguments and Opinions book cover

    Alternatives to Freedom

    Arguments and Opinions, 1st Edition

    By William L. Miller, Arnold Kemp

    This authoritative text concerns itself with freedom and `alternatives to freedom', based on original survey research of public attitudes to civil and political rights.It combines and connects explicit and implicit arguments for freedom, with the judgements of public opinion on two levels the…

    Paperback – 1995-02-20

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