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  • Mainstreaming Solar Energy in Small, Tropical Islands: Cultural and Policy Implications book cover

    Mainstreaming Solar Energy in Small, Tropical Islands

    Cultural and Policy Implications, 1st Edition

    By Kiron C. Neale

    This book explores how cultural considerations can improve policymaking to achieve mainstream solar energy in small, tropical islands. Focusing on Trinidad, Barbados and Oʻahu, Kiron C. Neale looks at how culture can affect and be affected by the policies that support the household adoption…

    Hardback – 2020-03-26
    Routledge Studies in Energy Policy

  • Narrative Theory in Conservation: Change and Living Buildings book cover

    Narrative Theory in Conservation

    Change and Living Buildings, 1st Edition

    By Nigel Walter

    Narrative Theory in Conservation engages with conservation, heritage studies, and architectural approaches to historic buildings, offering a synthesis of the best of each, and demonstrating that conservation is capable of developing a complementary, but distinct, theoretical position of its own.…

    Hardback – 2020-03-18

  • The Embodied Imagination in Antebellum American Art and Culture book cover

    The Embodied Imagination in Antebellum American Art and Culture

    1st Edition

    By Catherine Holochwost

    This book reveals a new history of the imagination told through its engagement with the body. Even as they denounced the imagination’s potential for inviting luxury, vice, and corruption, American audiences avidly consumed a transatlantic visual culture of touring paintings, dioramas, gift books,…

    Hardback – 2020-03-16
    Routledge Research in Art History

  • Society and Technology: Opportunities and Challenges book cover

    Society and Technology

    Opportunities and Challenges, 1st Edition

    Edited by Ewa Lechman, Magdalena Popowska

    This book offers broad evidence on how new information and communication technologies (ICT) impact social development and contribute to social welfare. Its aim is to show how new technological solutions may contribute to society’s welfare by encouraging new ‘socially responsible’ initiatives and…

    Hardback – 2020-03-12
    Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology

  • Cultural Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences book cover

    Cultural Sustainability

    Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1st Edition

    Edited by Torsten Meireis, Gabriele Rippl

    If the political and social benchmarks of sustainability and sustainable development are to be met, ignoring the role of the humanities and social, cultural and ethical values is highly problematic. People’s worldviews, beliefs and principles have an immediate impact on how they act and should be…

    Paperback – 2020-03-04
    Routledge Environmental Humanities

  • Measuring Intangible Values: Rethinking How to Evaluate Socially Beneficial Actions book cover

    Measuring Intangible Values

    Rethinking How to Evaluate Socially Beneficial Actions, 1st Edition

    By Marie Harder, Gemma Burford

    This book explores the complex problem of how to measure the ‘success’ of social organisations, projects and activities. Whether improving a local situation, organizing a campaign around sustainability, or assessing the intangible effects of perceived social benefits, currently we have only have a…

    Paperback – 2020-03-04
    Routledge Studies in Sustainability

  • Reimagining Industrial Sites: Changing Histories and Landscapes book cover

    Reimagining Industrial Sites

    Changing Histories and Landscapes, 1st Edition

    By Catherine Heatherington

    The discourse around derelict, former industrial and military sites has grown in recent years. This interest is not only theoretical, and landscape professionals are taking new approaches to the design and development of these sites. This book examines the varied ways in which the histories and…

    Paperback – 2020-03-04
    Routledge Research in Landscape and Environmental Design

  • Heritage Sites in Contemporary China: Cultural Policies and Management Practices book cover

    Heritage Sites in Contemporary China

    Cultural Policies and Management Practices, 1st Edition

    By Luca Zan, Bing Yu, Jianli Yu, Haiming Yan

    Heritage Sites in Contemporary China: Cultural Policies and Management Practices focuses on cultural heritage policies in China emerging in the period of the 11th and 12th Five Year Plans. Various important Chinese sites across China are investigated, including Luoyang Sui, Daming Gong, Niuheliang,…

    Paperback – 2020-03-04
    Planning, Heritage and Sustainability

  • Suckling: Kinship More Fluid book cover


    Kinship More Fluid, 1st Edition

    By Fadwa El Guindi

    A ground-breaking ethnographic study of suckling in the Arabian Gulf , this book reenergises the study of kinship. It analyses the misunderstood and marginalized phenomenon of suckling drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in Qatar over a seven-year period. Fadwa El Guindi situates suckling (often…

    Hardback – 2020-02-26
    Routledge Studies in Anthropology

  • Contemporary European Emigration: Situating Integration in New Destinations book cover

    Contemporary European Emigration

    Situating Integration in New Destinations, 1st Edition

    Edited by Brigitte Suter, Lisa Åkesson

    At a time when European unity is politically challenged by the question of immigration and integration, it is easy to overlook the fact that there are significant numbers of Europeans leaving the continent. Academically, little is known about why Europeans leave the continent, how they chose their…

    Hardback – 2020-02-19
    Routledge Studies in Development, Mobilities and Migration

  • Europe and the Refugee Response (Open Access): A Crisis of Values? book cover

    Europe and the Refugee Response (Open Access)

    A Crisis of Values?, 1st Edition

    Edited by Elżbieta M. Goździak, Izabella Main, Brigitte Suter

    This book explores how the rising numbers of refugees entering Europe from 2015 onwards played into fears of cultural, religious, and ethnic differences across the continent. The migrant, or refugee crisis, prompted fierce debate about European norms and values, with some commentators questioning…

    Hardback – 2020-02-14
    Routledge Studies in Development, Mobilities and Migration

  • Performing Faith: Christian Music, Identity and Inculturation in Indonesia book cover

    Performing Faith

    Christian Music, Identity and Inculturation in Indonesia, 1st Edition

    By Marzanna Poplawska

    This book is a study of music inculturation in Indonesia. It shows how religious expression can be made relevant in an indigenous context and how grassroots Christianity is being realized by means of music. Through the discussion of indigenous expressions of Christianity, the book presents multiple…

    Hardback – 2020-02-13
    SOAS Studies in Music

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