Archaeology and Religion in South Asia

Series Editor:
  • Himanshu Prabha Ray
    Chairperson, Academic Committee, Project Mausam, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, India. She is Honorary Professor, Distant Worlds, Munich Graduate School of Ancient Studies, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany; and Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Oxford, UK. Bank details updated SF 903466 19.8.16 DB

This Series, in association with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, reflects on the complex relationship between religion and society through new perspectives and advances in archaeology. It looks at this critical interface to provide alternative understandings of communities, beliefs, cultural systems, sacred sites, ritual practices, food habits, dietary modifications, power, and agents of political legitimisation. The books in the Series underline the importance of archaeological evidence in the production of knowledge of the past. They also emphasise that a systematic study of religion requires engagement with a diverse range of sources such as inscriptions, iconography, numismatics and architectural remains.