Ecology and Law in Modern Society

Ecology and Law in Modern Society

This series presents a legal and ecological perspective on important environmental issues such as declining biodiversity and the ecological significance of endangered species, the effects of pollution on natural and managed systems, the ecology of fragile ecosystems (mountains, grazed lands), pollution and its effects on ecosystem services. The scientific basis for understanding important areas of environmental law will be presented by experts in their fields. The formulating of environmental law to influence human activities will be analyzed by leading legal scholars. The central legal cases and challenges will be explored and the resulting success of the statutes considered. It is the intent of the series to provide a balance in the treatment of legal and ecological material not traditionally found in environmental law texts.

  • Law and Ecology

    The Rise of the Ecosystem Regime, 1st Edition

    By Richard O. Brooks, Ross Jones

    In 1970 Earth Day was first celebrated marking the dawn of worldwide environmental consciousness and the passing of many environmental laws. In part, these events were the result of the maturing of the science of ecology which recognized the interdependence of the web and cycles of nature. This…

    Paperback – 2002-12-23
    Ecology and Law in Modern Society