Disruptions in Financial Reporting and Auditing

Series Editor:

Following the global financial crisis and the growing number of major corporate collapses and financial scandals, confidence in the corporate sector, and more importantly, the professionals who audit them, is at an all-time low. Based on the authors' extensive experience and unique research (including interviews with 100s of professionals, regulators, and whistleblowers) this topical series provides a uniquely accessible insight into the criticisms and challenges currently facing the financial reporting and auditing industry, and examines possible solutions.

At a time of unprecedented scrutiny and technological change, the four complementary volumes (Disrupting the Audit Market; Financial Failures and Scandals; Disruption in Financial Reporting and Disruption in Auditing) critically examine the key debates, drawing on expert opinions from top industry professionals. Together the four volumes combine into an unparalleled contemporary overview and evaluates the future challenges facing this vital part of our economy and society.