Open Access: Frequently Asked Questions

Creative Commons Licenses

Which licence does Routledge Books Open Access use?

Routledge Books Open Access titles are published under an Open Access T&F License to Publish, based upon the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license. Under this license others may download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can't change them in any way or use them commercially. The OA T&F License also allows for text- and data-mining of your works. The full legal code is available here.


It is our view that this license provides the best combination of dissemination and protection for our authors in humanities and social sciences.

It was our authors’ stated preference in the Open Access Survey: Exploring the views of Taylor & Francis and Routledge authors which corroborated the OAPEN-UK HSS Researcher Survey Results by JISC Collections.

Given that funders are prepared to be flexible on the Creative Commons license type that should be used for open access monograph publications, we believe that we are offering the licensing option that best respects our authors’ preferences and practical considerations.

Publication Charges

What are the publication charges for Routledge Books Open Access monographs?

£10,000 plus applicable taxes.

When would this need to be paid?

When the final manuscript is submitted to Routledge, unless otherwise agreed.

What would this charge cover?

Routledge Books Open Access titles will benefit from the usual high standards of professionalism and expertise as our non-OA titles and receive the same editorial guidance, peer review, production values, sales and marketing support and global distribution. Routledge will pay for the book to be professionally indexed unless the author wishes to compile their own index.

How has the charge been calculated?

We have calculated the figure based on our own experience of the normal costs involved in the publishing process including editorial, production, marketing, sales, IT and distribution as well as taking account of the revenue that we would forego by making the book available open access.

Where can humanities & social sciences authors find this level of funding?

Many research funding bodies have begun to incorporate funds for open access publishing within their grants. Some university departments and other institutions now regularly make funds available to support the dissemination of research to the widest possible audience.

What if the authors change their mind or the open access funding falls through before submission?

Routledge would discuss the best available options with the relevant author(s) but would be most likely to proceed with the book in the normal way for a non-OA title.


What is the peer-review procedure for Routledge Books Open Access titles?

Routledge is committed to the highest standards of peer-review in order to maintain our reputation for scholarly rigour and quality control and this is equally true for Routledge Books Open Access.

ALL Routledge Books Open Access titles will be sent out to multiple referees before there is any agreement to proceed with them. Contracts to publish will only be issued after satisfactory peer-review. The final manuscript may also be submitted to further refereeing either by a series editor or by an external reviewer.

Publishing Suitability & Formats

What types of book projects will you publish as part of Routledge Books Open Access?

We will ONLY publish research monographs open access. These can be books that are single-authored or that have multiple authors; and can be edited or co-edited collections; but they must fit our standard publishing model for specialist scholarly works.

What types of book projects will you NOT publish as part of Routledge Books Open Access?

Anything that is not a research monograph – for example: textbooks, handbooks & other reference works, readers, professional and trade titles would all be excluded.

Only complete manuscripts rather than individual book chapters will be considered as part of Routledge Books Open Access.

In what formats will a Routledge Books Open Access book be published?

Upon publication, your monograph will be freely and immediately available online on the Routledge/Taylor & Francis ebooks platform and clearly identified as ‘open access’. Readers will be able to read online or download a DRM-free PDF.

Routledge Books Open Access ebooks may be included in our e-collections but customers will not be charged for them.

A print version of the book will be made available for customers still wanting to purchase a hard copy of the book. Authors may be entitled to royalties on any print sales of the book.

Submission & Content Guidelines for Authors

How do I publish my research via Routledge Books Open Access?

In the first instance, please contact the appropriate editor and let them know details of your proposal and that it is your intention to publish this via Routledge Books Open Access.

General proposal submission information can be found at:

There is a list of editorial contacts by subject at:

NB At the moment all open access publications must be submitted via the Routledge UK editorial office.

For general queries, please contact:

After I contact the appropriate editor, what happens next?

Your proposal will be evaluated initially by the subject editor and then sent out for peer review to at least two referees. Assuming that there is a positive outcome to the refereeing process, you will be issued with a contract specifically designed for open access publications. When the final manuscript is submitted and accepted by the Publisher, you will be expected to pay the publication charges. Your manuscript will then go through the normal Routledge production process and be published OA approximately six months later. Your publication will feature in the appropriate Routledge subject catalogues and other relevant marketing material.

Can I use third party material where permission may be required?

No. Our policy is not to include material requiring the clearance of permissions or rights in Routledge Books Open Access.

I have an existing book contract with Routledge. Can I change this to publish the book open access?

You would need to contact your editor at Routledge to discuss this.

I have published a book with Routledge. Can I now publish the book open access?

No. We have no plans to apply open access to previously published books.