Alternative Format Requests

At Taylor & Francis, we are committed to ensuring that all of our texts are made available to as wide an audience as possible.

If a student has a visual impairment or print disability, we are able to provide a large quantity of our titles in accessible, electronic format.

If you wish to request a specific text, please complete and sign our  VIP license agreement, and return it to

Please note that print disability requests are not restricted solely to universities – if you are an individual with a visual impairment, please forward your request to the same address, with a completed  individual license agreement.

We offer texts primarily in PDF format, which functions with most screen reading software. Alternatively, we can supply texts in Word, or XML format, although the latter is less frequently available.

Please note, we do require that a hard copy of the requested title has been purchased (by either the university or individual) before we are able to provide the text. It is also notable that texts published before the year 2000 are less likely to be immediately available in electronic format.

Should a digital version of a title be unavailable, a print copy of the text may be available for scanning – however, this service can take up to four weeks. Alternatively, we may grant permission for you to scan your own copy of the book, provided its usage complies with the terms and conditions highlighted in both license agreements.

For more information on our books, please visit