Learn Mandarin on the Go With Our New App

We are pleased to introduce our new App for learning Mandarin Chinese on the move. The Routledge Chinese Character Trainer App provides the 180 characters presented in Level 1 of The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin. The app matches the characters presented in the course lesson by lesson, so students can practice these and test themselves independently before moving on.

Available to download now from iTunes and Google Play.

In Training Mode, you can view a stroke-by-stroke animation of each character and then practice drawing it yourself using the character outline provided. As you continue to progress, you can drill yourself on the characters you've learned using the app's Drill Mode, which returns character cards back to the deck if you get them wrong. Over time you can measure your progress using Test Mode, which gives you just one chance to write each character correctly and displays your scores at the end.

Additional features include audio, each character is pronounced a single time as the visual prompts are presented on screen and a score reporting functionality which allows learners to submit their score to the instructor at the end of each drill or test, making it the ideal substitute for character writing homework sheets.

Click here to download now from iTunes or click here to download from Google Play.

We would appreciate any feedback that you have on the app so please get in contact with us by emailing Samantha.ValeNoya@tandf.co.uk  

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