Language Learning: Book Series

Routledge Advances in Teaching English as an International Language Series

Series Editor:

Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL) is a new paradigm in English Language Teaching (ELT) that has emerged as a response to the rapid increase in the global spread of English, which has brought about structural, functional, and demographic changes to the language. These changes include the fact that the majority of communicative events in English that are currently taking place around the world are between so-called "non-native" speakers of the language. Around 2 billion people on the planet are now using English on a daily basis, and English has an official role in more than 70 countries and territories. The rapid spread of English among communities of speakers around the world has also led to the localisation or nativisation of the language and the development of many new varieties, such as Chinese English. These recent changes to the English language and the ways in which the language is being used call for revisiting many aspects of teaching, learning, and using English. Although an increasing number of publications have come out on the topic of EIL, no book series to date has been dedicated to the teaching and learning of EIL.

The series will publish original research and theoretical essays on various aspects of TEIL. It will also publish books that engage with practical aspects of TEIL, such as pedagogy, EIL assessment, EIL material development, and intercultural communication in EIL.

International Advisory Board

James Dean Brown, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Hawai’i

Seran Dogancay-Aktuna, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA

James F. D’Angelo, Chukyo University, Japan

Jette G. Hansen Edwards, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Nobuyuki Hino, Osaka University, Japan

Guangwei Hu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Aya Matsuda, Arizona State University, USA

Sandra McKay, San Francisco State University, USA

Mario Saraceni, University of Portsmouth, UK

Zhichang Xu, Monash University, Australia