Language Learning: Book Series

Routledge Studies in Chinese as a Foreign Language

Series Editors:

As Chinese language learning becomes a global business due to China’s economic expansion, cultural exportation and political advance and influence, many western countries are facing the dilemma of having to increase the offering of Chinese language courses in their educational systems to meet student demands, while having no clear indication of how to achieve a successful CFL education due to lack of experience (in handling such a dramatically different language from European ones) and a useful referential framework to ensure the good quality and sustainability of CFL teaching and learning. Against that background, the Routledge Studies in Chinese as a Foreign Language strives to fill in the void by providing a comprehensive framework consisting of works that touch upon issues of CFL education across the board. We believe that a successful CFL education does not only hinge on a sound pedagogy but also on a lot more factors such as language policy and planning, environmental and institutional constraints, language identity and ideology, availability of media and technology, teacher education and learner needs, curriculum and materials compilation, language assessment and proficiency tests, and so on.

The series will strive to produce not only scholarly books investigating aspects of Chinese language learning such as pedagogy, policy, materials and curriculum, assessment, psychology and cognition, aptitude and motivation, culture and society, media and technology and so on, but also textbooks drawing from results of this research and compiled following the pedagogical models suggested by these studies and taking into consideration the individual and social factors related to Chinese language learning uncovered by this series of research. The two strands of books published within this series complement and strengthen each other in their academic achievement and practical implication.

If you are interested in publishing a monograph or an edited piece on any aspect of Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) research, or a theory-informed Chinese language textbook (for college or school education, self-study, teacher training, professional setting) under this series, please get in touch with Dr Chris Shei at [email protected] or [email protected] or Professor Der-lin Chao at [email protected] Each research book in this series is expected to be 80000 words in length investigating an issue or exploring an area of Chinese language teaching, especially Chinese as a Foreign Language. The length of Chinese textbooks depends on the type and the reader, purpose and skills targeted. Individual assistance will be given to early and mid-career authors in terms of topic selection and book structuring, as well as procedural guidance from the writing of book proposal, replying to reviewers’ comments, timeline planning, submission and proofreading of book drafts and so on. Publishing with a series is a good way to present your first or subsequent scholarly works and to get your name known to the field with the benefits of affiliating your book to a renowned publisher and sharing the established reputation of the editorial board and series and a line of specifically focused academic works.