Language Learning: Book Series

Routledge Studies in East Asian Translation

Series Editors:

Routledge Studies in East Asian Translaiton aims to discuss issues and challenges involved in translation between Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as from these languages into European languages with an eye to comparing the cultures of translation within East Asia and tracking some of their complex interrelationships.

Most translation theories are built on translation between European languages, with only few exceptions. However, this Eurocentric view on language and translation can be seriously limited in explaining the translation of non-European literature and scholarship, especially when it comes to translating languages outside the Indo-European family that have radically different script forms and grammatical categories, and may also be embedded in very different writing traditions and cultures. This series considers possible paradigm shifts in translation theory, arguing that translation theory and practice need to go beyond European languages and encompass a wider range of literature and scholarship.

The series will primarily consist of focus/shortform books and monographs dedicated to discussing following issues:

-Inter-translation in East Asia

-Diglossia and other multilingual/multiliterate practices in East Asia

-Translingualism in East Asia

-The role of Chinese characters in East Asia

-Linguistic and cultural issues in translating East Asian languages and literature into

European languages

-Translation cultures

-Literary writing that engages with translation or translingual aspects within the East Asian context or between East Asian and European traditions

-Academic (especially literary) scholarship written in East Asian languages and the problem of their international invisibility due to lack of translation

-The significance of non-Eurocentric translation theory for world literature, comparative literature, and translation

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