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SLSA Prize Shortlists

A few of our highly esteemed authors have been short-listed for the Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Prize for their distinguished contributions to the academic study of law. We are proud to announce the following authors and their short-listed titles.

Our Short-listed Authors

(2015) Undocumented Immigrants in the Era of Arbitrary Law: The flight and the plight of people deemed ‘illegal’

By Robert F. Barsky

Nominated for: The Hart Socio-Legal Book PrizeA book prize, open to all, for the most outstanding piece of socio-legal scholarship published in the 12 months.

This book describes the experiences of undocumented migrants, all around the world, bringing to life the challenges they face from the moment they consider leaving their country of origin, until the time they are deported back to it. Drawing on a broad array of academic studies, including law, interpretation and translation studies, border studies, human rights, communication, critical discourse analysis and sociology, Robert Barsky argues that the arrays of actions that are taken against undocumented migrants are often arbitrary, and exercised by an array of officials who can and do exercise considerable discretion, both positive and negative.

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(2015) The Concept of the Civilian: Legal recognition, adjudication and the trials of international criminal justice

By Claire Garbett

Nominated for: The Hart Socio-Legal Prize for Early Career AcademicsA prize for the best book, published in the 12 months, emerging from a previously awarded PhD, MPhil, LLB or MA

The Concept of the Civilian: Legal Recognition, Adjudication and the Trials of International Criminal Justice offers a critical account of the legal shaping of civilian identities by the processes of international criminal justice. It draws on a detailed case-study of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to explore two key issues central to these justice processes: first, how to understand civilians as a social and legal category of persons and second, how legal practices shape victims’ identities and redress in relation to these persons.

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(2015) Sovereignty in Post-Sovereign Society

By Jiří Přibáň

Nominated for: The Socio-Legal Theory and History PrizeA book prize, open to all, for a book that makes a contribution to socio-legal theory or to socio-legal history published in the 12 months

Sovereignty marks the boundary between politics and law. Highlighting the legal context of politics and the political context of law, it thus contributes to the internal dynamics of both political and legal systems. This book comprehends the persistence of sovereignty as a political and juridical concept in the post-sovereign social condition. The tension and paradoxical relationship between the semantics and structures of sovereignty and post-sovereignty are addressed by using the conceptual framework of the autopoietic social systems theory. Using a number of contemporary European examples, developments and paradoxes, the author examines topics of immense interest and importance relating to the concept of sovereignty in a globalising world. 

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About the SLSA

The Socio-Legal Studies Association was formed in 1990 in the UK. It grew out of the the Socio-Legal Group which for some years had provided an annual forum for socio-legal scholars to meet and disseminate their work. However, it was felt that there was a need for a more permanent organisational structure which would help to keep scholars in touch with each other, providing regular channels of communication and promoting and supporting the work of socio-legal academics.

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About the Book Prize

The SLSA aims to advance the study and research of knowledge in the field of socio-legal studies. The Executive Committee of the SLSA invites nominations for three annual prizes, which are sponsored by Hart Publishing and a fourth Prize is sponsored by a private benefactor.

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