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  • The UK Media Law Pocketbook book cover

    The UK Media Law Pocketbook

    1st Edition

    By Tim Crook

    As media law becomes more complicated and some of the leading textbooks thicker and larger, this concise guide provides core information without patronizing those with existing knowledge or bamboozling those with little expertise. Suitable for journalists, media workers, and anyone in the cultural…

    Paperback – 2013-03-11

  • Sports Law book cover

    Sports Law

    4th Edition

    By Simon Gardiner, John O'Leary, Roger Welch, Simon Boyes, Urvasi Naidoo

    Long established as the market leading textbook on sports law, this much-anticipated new edition offers a comprehensive and authoritative examination of the legal issues surrounding and governing sport internationally. Locating the legal regulation of sport within an explicit socio-economic context…

    Paperback – 2011-12-07

  • Modern Intellectual Property Law 3/e book cover

    Modern Intellectual Property Law 3/e

    3rd Edition

    By Jonathan Galloway, Daithí Mac Síthigh, Andrew Griffiths, Aisling McMahon

    Modern Intellectual Property Law combines coverage of each intellectual property right granted for creations of the mind into a thoughtful, unified textbook. Deconstructing the fundamental topics into short, clear sections separated by subheadings throughout, Colston and Galloway's text is the…

    Paperback – 2010-06-24

  • Comparative Media Law and Ethics book cover

    Comparative Media Law and Ethics

    1st Edition

    By Tim Crook

    Providing practical and theoretical resources on media law and ethics for the United Kingdom and United States of America and referencing other legal jurisdictions such as France, Japan, India, China and Saudi Arabia, Comparative Media Law and Ethics is suitable for upper undergraduate and…

    Paperback – 2009-12-10

  • Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law book cover

    Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law

    1st Edition

    By Hazel Hartley

    It is important for anybody involved in sport and physical recreation to be aware of the legal context in which their activity takes place, to develop an understanding of their legal responsibilities and to know what might happen if something goes wrong. Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law is…

    Paperback – 2009-06-26

  • Media Law and Ethics: A Casebook book cover

    Media Law and Ethics

    A Casebook, 2nd Edition

    By Roy L. Moore

    This new edition of the casebook includes extensive excerpts from 25 major decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States in media law or related to media law. The cases are presented in the order in which they are discussed in the third edition of <I>Media Law and Ethics<$>…

    Paperback – 2008-06-20

  • Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Law book cover

    Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Law

    2nd Edition

    By Colin Manchester, Susanna Poppleston, Jeremy Allen

    This comprehensive and authoritative guide to licensing law is co-authored by the UK’s only professor of licensing law and two eminent licensing practitioners. It provides a detailed exposition and contextual analysis of the legal provisions governing the licensing of alcohol and entertainment…

    Paperback – 2008-02-07

  • Defamation: Comparative Law and Practice book cover


    Comparative Law and Practice, 1st Edition

    By Andrew Kenyon

    Defamation: Comparative Law and Practice offers a timely and original investigation into defamation law and litigation practice in England, Australia and the United States, combining close legal analysis and extensive empirical research to examine central aspects of defamation law. This…

    Paperback – 2006-06-30

  • Law's Moving Image book cover

    Law's Moving Image

    1st Edition

    Edited by Leslie Moran, Elena Loizidou, Ian Christie, Emma Sandon

    This book is an essential introduction to the complex issues and debates in the field of law and film. It explores interconnections that are usually ignored between law and film through three main themes: A Fantastic Jurisprudence explores representations of law in law Law, Aesthetics and Visual…

    Paperback – 2004-06-03

  • Media Law: A User's Guide for Film and Programme Makers book cover

    Media Law

    A User's Guide for Film and Programme Makers, 1st Edition

    By Rhonda Baker

    First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Hardback – 1994-10-27

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