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Routledge Focus on Language and Social Media

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Designed for socially oriented researchers with an interest in language and technology, this series covers innovative and in-depth studies of communication through and around social media. The series takes a broad and inclusive approach, which recognises the rapid expansion of the field, due not only to the recent proliferation of social media platforms and the increasing reach of the internet across our working, social and personal lives, but also to broadening interpretations of what both ‘language’ and ‘social media’ entail, including growing recognition of the multiple modes used alongside language, and the embedding of social media in our everyday lives. Language and Social Media publishes studies concerned with a wide range of relevant issues and concerns. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Language and social media in everyday, educational, commercial and professional practices
  • Multilingualism and multimodality
  • Discourse trajectories and recontextualizations
  • Media/language ideologies
  • Sharing, collaboration and participation
  • Identity work; identity trouble
  • Constructing and debating belonging, communality, relations and networks
  • Complexity, diversities and differences
  • Governance, surveillance and control of/in social media activities and interactions
  • Resistance and political activism
  • Digital literacies, socialization and informal learning
  • Creativity and play
  • Affect and attachment, aggression and abuse
  • Evaluation and stance
  • The wider roles of social media in the lives of individuals, groups and communities.
  • Language, Gender and Parenthood Online

    Negotiating Motherhood in Mumsnet Talk, 1st Edition

    By Jai Mackenzie

    Language, Gender and Parenthood Online explores the digital interactions of parents on the UK-based internet discussion forum Mumsnet Talk, a space dominated by users sharing a common identification as women, parents and mothers. Using a qualitative approach grounded in feminist poststructuralist…

    Hardback – 2018-08-07
    Routledge Focus on Language and Social Media