Linguistics: Book Series

Routledge Multilingual Asia Series

Series Editor:

This series focuses on the sociolinguistic dynamics of multilingual societies within South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. It is intended that this series will provide a forum for frontline empirical research on the dynamics of multilingualism in the Asian region. The series will include areal studies dealing with multilingualism in particular polities or regions, but will also tackle pan-Asian issues such as the dynamics of multilingualism in urban Asian societies, multilingualism in Asian education, English as a lingua franca between Asian speakers, and the learning and teaching of Asian languages across the region. Micro-studies of language contact and variation will also be a regular feature of the series, as will titles dealing with multilingual media and linguistic landscapes. However, although the orientation of the series is broadly sociolinguistic, the Editors will also be open to contributions that offer cognitive or psycholinguistic perspectives where such issues are central to the understanding of contemporary multilingualism in the Asian context.