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  • Literature Research Now in Paperback

    Our Paperback Direct programme provides the best of our in-depth hardback research in a paperback format and price, making the content even more accessible. Discover the latest treatment of topics in Literature and buy a copy for your own personal use.

  • South Atlantic Modern Language Association

    Routledge publishes a range of key authors and titles in Literature. Below is a small selection of our recent and forthcoming titles that showcase the diverse range of publications that include accessible and best-selling textbooks and supplementary texts, authoritative handbooks, as well as cutting-edge research monographs. 

  • Major Works and Routledge Library Editions Online Collection

    Explore our range of multi-volume Major Works sets and Routledge Library Editions sets across a wide range of subject areas including Business, Sociology, Education, Psychology, and more...

  • Author Directions: Navigating Your Success...

    This series is a collection of free resource to guide our new, current and potential authors through the world of academic publishing. Resources will include social media guidance, how to turn your PhD in to a book, how to write a successful proposal, how to maintain discover ability of your book and many more.

  • Explore our 2017 Reference Catalogues

    Welcome to our Library Reference 2017 catalogues, where you will find a selection of new and forthcoming titles across Routledge and CRC Press.

  • Discovering Shakespeare

    We're delighted to share this collection with you which showcases our full range of Shakespearian content.

    From research works and textbooks to FreeBooks, interviews with Shakespearean experts, and special discount offers, you will find it all here.

  • Legenda Collection

    Founded in 1995 by Malcolm Bowie and others within the University of Oxford, Legenda has always been a collaborative publishing enterprise, directly governed by scholars. The MHRA joined this collaboration in 1998, became half-owner in 2004, in partnership with Maney Publishing and then Routledge, and has since 2016 been sole owner.

  • Childrens Literature and Poetry, Research Titles

    Recently Published and Forthcoming Research From Routledge Literature