• Political Communication in China: Convergence or Divergence Between the Media and Political System? book cover

    Political Communication in China

    Convergence or Divergence Between the Media and Political System?, 1st Edition

    Edited by Wenfang Tang, Shanto Iyengar

    It is widely recognised that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses the media to set the agenda for political discourse, propagate official policies, monitor public opinion, and rally regime support. State agencies in China control the full spectrum of media programming, either through ownership or…

    Paperback – 2014-04-10

  • New Media, Campaigning and the 2008 Facebook Election book cover

    New Media, Campaigning and the 2008 Facebook Election

    1st Edition

    Edited by Thomas J. Johnson, David D. Perlmutter

    Some political observers dubbed the 2008 presidential campaign as 'the Facebook Election'. Barack Obama, in particular, employed social media such as blogs, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook to run a 'grassroots-style' campaign. The Obama campaign was keenly aware that voters,…

    Paperback – 2014-04-10

  • Media Messages: What Film, Television, and Popular Music Teach Us About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation book cover

    Media Messages

    What Film, Television, and Popular Music Teach Us About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, 2nd Edition

    By Linda Holtzman, Leon Sharpe

    The new edition of this widely adopted book reveals how the popular media contribute to widespread myths and misunderstanding about cultural diversity. While focused on the impact of television, feature film, and popular music, the authors reach far beyond media to explore how our understanding,…

    Paperback – 2014-03-01

  • Mediating the Message in the 21st Century: A Media Sociology Perspective book cover

    Mediating the Message in the 21st Century

    A Media Sociology Perspective, 1st Edition

    By Pamela J. Shoemaker, Stephen D. Reese

    Hailed as one of the "most significant books of the twentieth century" by Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Mediating the Message has long been an essential text for media effects scholars and students of media sociology. This new edition of the classic media sociology textbook now…

    Paperback – 2013-10-01

  • Female Celebrity and Ageing: Back in the Spotlight book cover

    Female Celebrity and Ageing

    Back in the Spotlight, 1st Edition

    Edited by Deborah Jermyn

    Female Celebrity and Ageing: Back in the Spotlight interrogates the myriad ways in which celebrity culture constructs highly visible ideologies of femininity and ageing, and how ageing female celebrities have negotiated the media in a variety of industrial, historical and national contexts. In the…

    Hardback – 2013-09-27

  • Reinvention book cover


    1st Edition

    By Anthony Elliott

    Ours is the era of ‘reinvention’. From psychotherapy to life coaching, from self-help manuals to cosmetic surgery, and from corporate rebranding to urban redesign: the art of reinvention is inextricably interwoven with the lure of the next frontier, the breakthrough to the next boundary –…

    Paperback – 2012-11-30

  • Panic book cover


    1st Edition

    By Keith Tester

    Impending environmental catastrophe, threat of terrorism, viruses both biological and virtual, disease: there seem to be so many reasons to panic today. But what is panic and why does it happen? This book uses a range of literature from sociology, cultural studies and popular psychology to develop…

    Paperback – 2012-11-09

  • Organizations and Popular Culture: Information, Representation and Transformation book cover

    Organizations and Popular Culture

    Information, Representation and Transformation, 1st Edition

    Edited by Carl Rhodes, Simon Lilley

    Throughout its history, popular mass-mediated culture has turned its attention to representing and interrogating organizational life. As early as Charlie Chaplin’s cinematic classic Modern Times and as recently as the primetime television hit The Simpsons, we see cultural products that engage…

    Paperback – 2012-02-27

  • Psychophysiological Measurement and Meaning: Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Media book cover

    Psychophysiological Measurement and Meaning

    Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Media, 1st Edition

    By Robert F. Potter, Paul Bolls

    This research volume serves as a comprehensive resource for psychophysiological research on media responses. It addresses the theoretical underpinnings, methodological techniques, and most recent research in this area. It goes beyond current volumes by placing the research techniques within a…

    Paperback – 2011-08-29
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