Routledge Insights in Public Relations Research

The field of public relations research has grown exponentially in recent years and academics at all career levels are seeking authoritative publication opportunities for their scholarship. Routledge Insights in PR Research is a new series of short-form book publications, presenting a range of key topics reflecting the diversity of the discipline and its development through research, theory and practice. This series will provide an accessible and forward-facing forum for new and emerging global scholarship which critically evaluates contemporary public relations research and practice.

With a concise 20- 40,000 word format, and published at an accessible price in both hard cover and e-book formats, Routledge Insights in PR Researchare appropriate for a wide range of subjects, approaches and treatments in PR research and practice including, but not limited to:

  • A topical overview of an emerging area
  • An in-depth case study
  • An update of a research paper to reflect new findings or wider perspectives
  • Exploration of theoretical and field work innovations.
  • A timely response to current affairs or policy debates influencing PR.
  • Research-based information for practitioners interested in new ways of thinking

Routledge Insights in PR Researchare attractive to scholars, students, researchers, and practitioners, as well as those working in think tanks and policy circles and the short-form presentation brings new research to th global academic audience quickly and effectively.