Mental Health: Book Series

Parent and Child

Series Editor:

This series aims to bridge the gap in parents’ understanding of the issues that may affect their children from infancy to early adolescence. These scientifically grounded books will communicate the findings of psychologists and other developmental experts to parents in a user-friendly way.

The books will be brief but comprehensive, accessible and intelligent. Topics will cover both normal development and problem areas, such as nutrition, sexuality, eating disorders, learning disabilities, aggressive children and conduct disorders, drugs and alcohol use, and relationship building. The books will be invaluable for all parents and parents-to-be.

  • Parenting with Reason

    Evidence-Based Approaches to Parenting Dilemmas, 1st Edition

    By Esther Yoder Strahan, Wallace E. Dixon, Jr., J. Burton Banks

    Sometimes it feels as though everybody has an opinion on how you should bring up your child – and no two people seem to agree on how it should be done for the best! Parenting with Reason cuts through the masses of  confusing and often contradictory advice about parenting by providing hard…

    Paperback – 2009-10-23
    Parent and Child

  • What Every Man Should Know About Being a Dad

    1st Edition

    By David Cohen

    When a man becomes a father, it can be a very daunting time. He is suddenly thrust into a new and emotional world. He can feel unprepared (despite the preceding nine months of build-up), useless (despite all the "uses" the mother of his child could offer him), and apprehensive. However, the new…

    Paperback – 2009-06-04
    Parent and Child