Middle East Studies: Book Series

The Military Religious Orders

History, Sources, and Memory

The military religious orders were initially established in the twelfth century to care for and protect western pilgrims in the Holy Land. They later helped to defend the crusader states, participated in the Iberian Reconquista, and eventually played a significant role in warfare, charity, commerce, colonization, and cross-cultural encounters in Europe, the Mediterranean World, and even the New World. The Military Religious Orders: History, Sources, and Memory stimulates research on this fascinating phenomenon.

The scope of this series is intentionally broad: book proposals are welcome on any aspect of the orders’ history, both medieval and modern. They may draw from a wide range of disciplines, and may consider any of the orders’ geographical zones of operation. We are happy to consider proposals for monographs, thematically coherent collections of articles, as well as critical editions and translations of primary sources (target length per volume 100,000 to 150,000 words).

If you would like to submit a proposal for this series, please e-mail one of the general editors. We will then be able to send you more detailed information about the proposal submission process.

General Editors

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