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  • National Committee of the Society for Music Education in Ireland

    SMEI members - enjoy 20% off with code FLR40 at checkout! Enjoy our selection of Music titles below. 

  • The Value of Your Academic Library

    Do you realize the value of your Academic Library? We have produced an infographic you can download here and put up in your university to remind students and staff alike of the value the library can bring!

  • Explore New Ways of Teaching in the Digital Age

    How can we use technology in education? A Routledge FreeBook investigates technology enhanced learning, to assist you in your teaching.

  • Which World Music Survey Textbook Should You Choose for Your Course?

    The market for world music survey introductory textbooks is huge--we know this. Even our own selection of titles can seem overwhelming to instructors who are looking for the right fit for their course, but don't know where to start.

    We've decided to take some of the hard-work away by laying out the framework for each of our world music texts: organization, writing style, distinguishing feature, and ancillaries. Now you'll know which book will fit your course criteria before you even receive a copy!

  • Featured Author: Vasco Hexel

    Vasco Hexel is our latest Routledge Featured Author. Read our interview to discover more about his recent book,  The Film and Media Creators' Guide to Music.

    "I passionately believe that this book is important and I hope it will find its intended readers, to inform media creators to be more aware of the expressive potential of music; to alleviate any fear of music they might have, and to inspire them to become more musically minded collaborators."

  • Featured Author: Michael Berry

    Michael Berry is our latest Routledge Featured Author. Read our interview to discover more about his recent book,  Listening To Rap.

    "Listening to rap critically—both the music and the lyrics—reveals a great deal about how systems of oppression continue to operate in our country and provides a point of entry into the kinds of conversations that will help to dismantle these systems."

  • Featured Authors: Shelley Brunt and Geoff Stahl

    Shelley Brunt and Geoff Stahl are our latest Routledge Featured Author. Read our interview to discover more about his recent book,  Made in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

    "This book is an excellent starting point for readers who are eager to learn about what makes the culture, history, heritage, and performance practices of music in this part of the world so unique."

  • Featured Author: J.D. Young

    J.D. Young is our latest Routledge Featured Author. Read our interview to discover more about his recent book,  Home Studio Mastering.

    In order to figure out what makes music such a powerful language for human emotion, I read a lot of music-related books with topics ranging from the physics and mathematics that underlay music and music theory, to composing and producing.

  • A Q&A session with Wessel Oltheten

    We are pleased to present our Q&A session with Wessel Oltheten, author of the recently published title Mixing with Impact: Learning to Make Musical Choices. Wessel has been recording and mixing music since his teens, which has led to a successful studio business with a very diverse clientele. To hear some of his work you can visit For extra articles and a video course accompanying this book, visit

  • Take a closer look at What in the World is Music?

    What in the World is Music? is an interactive electronic textbook/print book package designed for the World Music undergraduate survey course or for a Music Appreciation course more inclusive than the traditional survey of Western music history.

    Want to learn more? Click below to watch an informational video created by author's Alison E. Arnold and Jonathan C. Kramer, wherein they demonstrate how to use the interactive e-textbook.

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism is now 30% bigger

    The largest and most comprehensive resource on Modernism has just got even bigger

  • Watch Steven Saltzman's video interview on music editing

    Ahead of the First Annual LA Post Fest, our author Steven Saltzman and competition judge sat down with The Los Angeles Post Production Group (LAPPG) to discuss music editing.