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Which World Music Survey Textbook Should You Choose for Your Course?

The market for world music survey introductory textbooks is huge--we know this. Even our own selection of titles can seem overwhelming to instructors who are looking for the right fit for their course, but don't know where to start.

We've decided to take some of the hard-work away by laying out the framework for each of our world music texts: organization, writing style, distinguishing feature, and ancillaries. Now you'll know which book will fit your course criteria before you even receive a copy!

Download your own copy of our world music chart here!

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Check out the featured textbooks!

  • World Music: A Global Journey

    4th Edition

    By Terry E. Miller, Andrew Shahriari

    World Music: A Global Journey, Fourth Edition takes students around the world to experience the diversity of musical expression and cultural traditions. It is known for its breadth in surveying the world's major cultures in a systematic study of world music within a strong pedagogical framework. As…

    Pack - Book & CD – 2016-11-04

  • Excursions in World Music, Seventh Edition

    7th Edition

    By Timothy Rommen, Bruno Nettl

    Excursions in World Music is a comprehensive introductory textbook to world music, creating a panoramic experience for students by engaging the many cultures around the globe and highlighting the sheer diversity to be experienced in the world of music. At the same time, the text illustrates the…

    Paperback – 2016-08-10

  • What in the World is Music? - Enhanced E-Book & Print Book Pack

    1st Edition

    By Alison E. Arnold, Jonathan C. Kramer

    What in the World is Music? is an undergraduate, interactive e-textbook that incorporates more than 300 video and audio links to music from around the world. The text investigates the nature and meaning of music as a universal human practice, while providing students with strong points of…

    Paperback – 2015-08-18

  • Pieces of the Musical World: Sounds and Cultures

    1st Edition

    By Rachel Harris, Rowan Pease

    Pieces of the Musical World: Sounds and Cultures is a fieldwork-based ethnomusicology textbook that introduces a series of musical worlds each through a single "piece." It focuses on a musical sound or object that provides a springboard from which to tell a story about a particular geographic…

    Paperback – 2015-05-07