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Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century

Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century

Series Editor:

Series Advisory Board: Robert Adlington, Esteban Buch, Mark Delaere, Giovanni Giuriati, Wolfgang Rathert

The series Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century adopts a collaborative model for the study of key issues in twentieth-century music. The basis for each volume is a conference drawing together leading scholars from across Europe and beyond; conference themes are determined by the series’ distinguished international advisory board, with a view to developing new knowledge and understanding that reflects dialogue between scholars of different nationalities and theoretical backgrounds. Particular emphasis is placed upon recognition of the multiplicity of conceptions, artefacts, events and communities which characterised musical life in the last century. Accordingly, individual volumes seek to interrogate themes that encompass diverse musical genres and disciplinary perspectives.

The series was conceived as a project of the Institute of Music of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice, where many of the conferences are convened.