on Human Memory : Evolution, Progress, and Reflections on the 30th Anniversary of the Atkinson-shiffrin Model book cover
1st Edition

on Human Memory
Evolution, Progress, and Reflections on the 30th Anniversary of the Atkinson-shiffrin Model

Edited By

Chizuko Izawa

ISBN 9781138003088
Published August 7, 2015 by Psychology Press
308 Pages

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Book Description

The model of human memory proposed in 1968 by Atkinson and Shiffrin has the distinction of having revolutionized information-processing theory. It catapulated a whole generation of cognitive psychologists into sustained research programs that continue to be productive year after year. The book's notable authors analyze and deliberate on the model's monumental scientific contributions to human learning and memory. They also challenge it and delve into its likely future evolution and impact on learning and memory.

The volume was published in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Atkinson-Shiffrin model and sets forth a provocative future for memory workers and learning theorists.

Table of Contents

Contents: R.C. Atkinson, Foreword. Preface. C. Izawa, On Human Memory: A Brief Introduction. R.M. Shiffrin, 30 Years of Memory. B.B. Murdock, The Buffer 30 Years Later: Working Memory in a Theory of Distributed Associative Model (TODAM). W.K. Estes, Models of Human Memory: A 30-Year Retrospective. J.G.W. Raaijmakers, R.H. Phaf, Part-List Cuing Revisited: Testing the Sampling-Bias Hypothesis. D.D. Ohrt, S.D. Gronlund, List-Length Effect and Continuous Memory: Confounds and Solutions. M.S. Humphreys, G. Tehan, Cues and Codes in Working Memory Tasks. A.F. Healy, T.F. Cunningham, Recall of Order Information: Evidence Requiring a Dual-Storage Memory Model. C. Izawa, Efficiency in Acquisition and Short-Term Memory: Study-Test-Rest Presentation Programs and Learning Difficulty. S.E. Clark, Recalling to Recognize and Recognizing Recall. T.D. Wickens, Measuring the Time Course of Retention.

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"This volume lives up to its title. Together, the contributors give readers both an appreciation of the scope and influence of the original A & S framework and the current state of a number of issues....This book revived long-term memories (hopefully now permanent) that I first encoded as a graduate student and also filled in some of the empty slots in my knowledge of memory. It also made me think about my modal model for the next 30 years. That alone made reading this book worthwhile."
Journal of Mathematical Psychology

"...the contributors to this volume were selected from close colleagues of Atkinson and Shiffrin....A few of the chapters are very explicit in their connection with A&S, furthering our understanding through discussions of evolution and progress and through personal reflections on what has been of lasting significance from A&S. The remaining chapters contribute in a different way by providing a panorama of current research that one can compare with the state of the art at the time of A&S to determine what the impact on today's research has been. It has been phenamenal....Should you buy this book? Yes, if you are interested in a living portrait of what has become of the effort to use mathematically oriented process models to understand basic memory mechanisms....It is a privilege that, in a field such as this, one can not only commemorate the dream time but, through careful reading, revisit it."
American Journal of Psychology