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Working Together to Reach Your Audience

Your book will be marketed and sold worldwide. We have sales representatives spanning the globe who work with libraries, bookstores, academics, professionals, and third-party retailers to get the word out about your book and a global marketing team who specialise in reaching specfic markets.

How we promote your book

There are many things happening behind the scenes for all books we publish.

Some examples of how we market your book are listed below.

Build online discoverability

Your book will be found on the shelves of bookshops and libraries around the globe and we also work to make your book available on major websites, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Blackwells and Book Depository. We run data-driven advertising with major online retailers to increase discoverability and sales of your book. Not only do we do this when your book first publishes, we continuously run adverts following publication.


Reviews from individuals around the globe serve as testimonials and add perceived value to your book. When available, reviews will appear on your book's landing page on our websites and may be used in the marketing of your book.

Upon your book's publication, we offer review copies to our extensive list of journal contacts. We will send copies of newly published titles to those in industry and academia who email or call us to express an interest in reviewing our books.

If you have contacts who may be interested in reviewing your book, please direct them to our online form.


We have a presence at over 500 major academic and professional conferences worldwide each year.

Using the subject menu you can browse through the conferences we will be attending in 2020, where we will be showcasing our most recently published books (typically those published within the last 2 years). 

If you are planning on attending, speaking at, or holding any events at these conferences, please let your editor know as soon as possible so they can ensure your book is at the stand and/or arrange other promotional materials to be sent.

Your help as an author to distribute information about your book at conferences is vital in order to raise the profile of your book to its intended target market. To support this effort, we can supply you with a PDF flyer for your book, for you to print and take with you to smaller meetings/presentations you attend. To request a PDF flyer, please contact [email protected]

Email Marketing

We use email campaigns to reach a large number of relevant contacts with key information about our books. Events such as conferences and the timing of world events also can influence our editorial email marketing calendar when the book can be promoted. These campaigns are sent to the most relevant people in our extensive global database of contacts.

How you can promote your book

Our most effective promotions happen when we partner with enthusiastic book authors and editors like you.

Some examples of how you can promote your book are below.

Featured Authors

The Featured Authors community is an essential element of our integrated marketing program. It gives your audience highly visual, engaging information about you and your work in a personal and interactive setting. This groundbreaking web portal enhances your online presence, creates buzz about your book, increases discoverability, and allows you to connect more easily with your audience. We highly encourage you to participate. You can find more information about how to set up your profile here

Social Media

Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are great tools to to engage users, share free content, and generate interest in your book. There are a number of ways you, as a book author or editor, can help to promote your book using social media, including:

  • Announce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites – including academic-based ones like ResearchGate,, ORCID, and ResearcherID – that your book is publishing.
  • Link to your book's landing page when mentioning your title on social media.
  • Mention any blog posts related to your book.
  • Use hashtags that are applicable to the book’s themes.
  • Post about events you are attending.

For more information on how to make the most of your social media networks, please download our free resources on social media, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn, which are all packed full of useful hints and tips. 


Encourage your colleagues and peers to go to Amazon, give your book the stars it deserves, and write comments on their thoughts after reading your book. Comments are very helpful to individuals when considering a purchase, so encourage comments that state what the book provides for the reader.

Additionally, you can maximize your book's potential with Amazon's Author Central. This free service provided by Amazon gives book authors and editors the ability to reach more readers, promote their books, and interact with the community. These all can translate into additional sales. Go to and click "Join Now" to get started.